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Making the Right Choice – P Kay

Every so often we like to send out customer questionnaires in order to improve our services.  We send them to those who have recently been in contact with us, or others who have retained our services, and those who are jumping up and down with joy having now arrived.

Below is just one of those surveys that was completed by P.Kay, a Soccer coach from London. The reason we feel these surveys are a valuable resource for you the reader is to see why our clients have chosen our services over all the other immigration services out there. For us, it lets us know many things, for example, it was a great decision to drop the consultation fee. We did this before things got to the current situation with the economy. We saw a huge influx of enquiries as there are many firms still charging the client a fee before the client has retained their services. It also reminds us of how important it is for our clients to have total confidence in the information they receive, and that none of our clients have done this type of move before. Plus, a move from one country to another is a huge upheaval for one person let alone an entire family. We know this because we have done it, we were once in your shoes contemplating our USA future from the UK.

So once you’ve checked out our website, compared the information you have found on ours to that of others, and you’ve spoken to our office, please notify us that you would like to complete a customer survey. Each client has a different set of circumstances as to why they want to emigrate, therefore your scenario will differ from that of Mr. Kay’s. We would like to get your input in order to help the next person/couple or family make the right immigration attorney choice.

  • How did you hear about our company?  Through searching the internet. I Googled “US immigration lawyers”
  • Had you made enquiries through other Immigration Attorneys’ offices prior to ours? Only a couple of tentative enquiries but was deterred by high consultation fees or the promise of a free consultation that turned into “Yes we can help you but we will need your card number.”
  • How did our office compare in service quality? Excellent! A free consultation is a great incentive for potential clients.
  • When you made your initial enquiry, did we respond in a timely and friendly manner? Yes, very prompt and friendly! You responded in no time and started the ball rolling to organize a suitable consultation time.
  • If we provided you with information, was that information clear and concise? Yes, my questions were answered in detail which made me believe that the goal of obtaining a visa was possible.
  • If you had any questions after your consultation, were they addressed in a timely manner? Yes absolutely. I have had a few follow up questions which were addressed expertly by your office and very promptly.
  • Was our staff friendly? Yes, no doubt about it. It was refreshing to know that more than one person within your office has gone through the Immigration process. Knowing this is all your office handles is also a relief. I have to say your staff are not only warm, friendly and understanding but totally professional. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your team.
  • If someone asked you to recommend an Immigration law firm, would you have any reservations about recommending our law firm? I would have no hesitation, especially if I get the desired result of a visa at the end of the application!
  • If you have not retained our services to date, is there any reason why you would not use the Immigration Law Offices of Chris Ingram? I wanted to digest all of the information, the costs involved and whether it would be a good investment given the fact that the proposed visa is only for 12 months. I cannot see any reason why I wouldn’t use your company.
  • Further comments: Having been through the immigration process a few times before through a sponsored company, I wasn’t exactly sure what my options were in terms of applying for a visa individually. The service I have received has been first class from the outset and this is before I paid anything to commence the application. The information and expertise I have been exposed to have left me in no doubt what my best options are to proceed.
  • P. Kay – Soccer Coach, London




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