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Survey Says – Juliet C

My husband and I had been searching for a way to emigrate from the UK to the US for a number of years. I personally fell in love with the place from the first visit but at the time was totally unaware of how confusing and somewhat frustrating the  US immigration system could be.

After 4 years of trawling the Internet and spending hours and hours doing my own research into US immigration, I came across Chris Ingram’s website, From the moment I started reading it I knew that I had found a really good attorney who knew what he was talking about. Just the wealth of easy-to-read material on the website was enough for me to book a consultation with him – and best of all, the consultation was free!! From the website alone I had learnt new things about immigration that I hadn’t found out from 4 years of research on my own.

From my first conversation with Chris I felt that I was put completely at ease. His laid back and friendly manner was just what I needed. I’d had dealings with a couple of attorneys in the past, but felt like I was ‘putting them out’ when I accepted their free consultations. This wasn’t the case with Chris and I felt like I was really allowed to be myself and talk honestly with him. Another great benefit is that he is British and has made the immigration journey himself.  He knew exactly where I was coming from when I discussed my hopes and fears with him about emigrating to the US.

I have discussed with Chris my family’s visa options in depth and he knows everything there is to know. With his help I have been able to narrow down my visa options and really look into what would work for us in the long run.

I know without a doubt that when we make the decision to go for it, we will definitely be using Chris Ingram’s firm to guide us through the immigration process and I know that at anytime in the interim period if I need advice I can contact The Immigration Law Offices of Chris M Ingram and I will be able to speak to a real person who wants to help me! That’s a huge bonus!

Juliet C – presently in the UK

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