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US Citizenship

“Let’s talk about the end of a long road.”

Citizenship: The End Of A Long Road: Becoming an American citizen is without doubt the most coveted status achievable on the US immigration ladder. Did you know that over four thousand people become American citizens everyday?

Do I Need To Become A US Citizen?: You Bet! As a US citizen, you can petition for green cards for your immediate family members. You may be able to pass on your citizenship or green card status to your children even if they are married. Green card status can be lost but status as a US citizen is virtually impossible to lose. As a citizen, you will have the right to vote. You can remain a US citizen even if you choose to live outside the US. Green card holders can lose their status if they spend more than a year abroad, and will have to start over.

Naturalized Citizen vs. Regular Citizen: Just to cover a basic point, a person who is born in the US is automatically a US citizen, whereas a person who was born outside the US becomes a naturalized American citizen. US born citizens and naturalized citizens have equal standing with very few exceptions. All citizens have the right to vote but only a US born citizen may run for President.

Qualifying For Citizenship: Generally, to become eligible for citizenship you must have had your green card for at least five years. However, a green card holder married to a US citizen may apply for citizenship after only three years.

Expertise And Know How: I would love the opportunity to help you as I help all of my clients. There are a lot of things I need to check before giving someone the all clear to go for citizenship. Often times we gear people up for citizenship as their green card matures for eligibility.

Do You Have A US Citizen Or Green Card Holder Who Is A Relative? Many clients have family members who are green card holders but not yet citizens. If your immediate family are not yet citizens, perhaps we could help them take that next step so they, in turn, can help you get on the immigration ladder. This might be an excellent way to get started.

Book Your Consultation Today: By “Booking Your Consultation” I can evaluate your case. Once that’s done, start setting your moving date. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help you as I help all of my clients.