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You must remember that when you move to another country, not only do you have to get used to the climate, weather cycles, accents and cultures, you may need to re-familiarize yourself with the simple things in life, such as, in the States, if you were to walk into a stationers (like Office Supplies) and asked for a “rubber” they would send you to a pharmacy! I will not go into anymore detail about that!

Anyway – hope you enjoy this amusing anecdote from one of our clients whose name we have changed to protect his dignity: –

After dislocating my knee back in February whilst still in the UK and then moving out to Florida, the knee starting causing me problems. Sometimes the burning pain was unbearable. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and got up in the middle of the night to find either a Walmart or Walgreen’s near by as these stores are open 24/7. I drove into town and sure enough, lit up for all to see, was the welcome sign “Walmart- Open 24 hours a day” – (you gotta love America!) – I hobbled into the store and made my way through the many shopping isles, each with something fabulous to tempt you, but my focus was on “ointment”. That’s all I needed and that’s all I went to get. I stopped as I approached what looked like an ointment shelf (in the rush I’d forgotten to pick up my reading glasses). A tube of cream stood out amongst the rest, because on the front of the packaging I could see what looked like flames. I grabbed the ointment, paid for it and drove home as quickly as my car could take me. I sat down on my easy chair, ripped open the box and lavishly pasted the cream all over my knee. “Ah…” For a moment the burning sensation went away and was replaced by a cool soothing feeling. The cool sensation was replaced within seconds by another warming sensation, which was replaced by “FIRE – FIRE – BURNING HOT FIRE” – on my hands, lips (yes – I managed to touch my lips whilst applying the lotion) and my knee! The pain was unbelievable. God himself could not have done better if He sent me to Hell! As much as I rinsed my skin in water the pain would not ease up. It almost got to the point where I nearly drove myself to the hospital, but like a man, I thought I would grin and bear it and complain to the wife all night instead!

In the morning we returned the cream and requested a refund. The pharmacist looked at us strangly but then pointed us to the foreign food isle. I had managed to pick up a Jalapeno pepper paste! I’m sure the folks behind the counter got a bit of a giggle. As for me, I spent the next three days with the feeling of severe sun burn! Florida is great, some of the products are not! Read the labels, people!!


Mr Cantsee


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