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An Artist’s Pathway to an O-1 Visa, An Immigration Story

Entertainers and Artist are Eligible for the O1 Visa

Entertainers and Artists are Eligible for the O1 Visa

Being talented in your industry within your home country or on an international level can amount to a successful O-1 Visa Application. For our client Andrea, she was unaware that her work in the Fashion Industry in Australia qualified her for an O-1 Visa for Artists Entertainers.

Andrea had dedicated most of her life, towards developing her fashion line, and participating in showcases around the world. Her international showcases coupled with high praise in the press and among customers fulfilled many of the O1 Visa Requirements. To many, the idea of qualifying for an O-1 Visa is a surprise, and raises many O-1 Visa Questions and as your O-1 Visa Lawyer we will work tirelessly to answer each and everyone of your O-1 Visa Questions.

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We have years of experience working with Artists/Entertainers

We have years of experience working with Artists/Entertainers

Andrea, like many of our clients had many questions about her ability to qualify for the O-1 Visa for Artists Entertainers as an Individual with Extraordinary Abilities in the fashion Industry. After providing her with specific information in the form of written explanations, phone consultations, and our video guides, Andrea was confident that she had more than enough evidence to submit a successful O-1 Visa Application.

As O-1 Visa Lawyers who have worked with O-1 Visa Applications for many years, we are well versed in all of the O1 Visa Requirements and have worked with many Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities including the in arts, and entertainment business. We are committed to being available to our clients for all of their O-1 Visa Questions and will do the same for you.


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