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Chris M. Ingram ESQ – Trump’s Travel Ban Plans in Trouble by DHS Reports

by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on March 3, 2017

Travel Ban in Trouble Due to Department of Homeland Security Investigation

Trumps’s Planned Travel Ban Proposals Could be in Ruins

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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If you have been following news on the Trump’s Travel Ban efforts, the courts granted an injunction to block the ban taking affect and mandated that the Justice Department to submit evidence to demonstrate that nationals from the seven countries listed posed a particular level of threat of terrorist attacks more than the countries not included in the ban.

Travel Ban Headache

Travel Ban Headache

Well, the Department of Homeland Security has just published a report, that had been commissioned under the Obama administration in August 2016, to do a study on the sources of where terrorists / extremists might come from.

The study tracked the history of 88 foreign born terrorists – looking at their life history right up the point of them acting out.  The report has just been published March 2017 and it found that most foreign-born extremists don’t arrive in the US radicalized, but become radicalized after living in the US for several years. In addition, a leaked report from Homeland Security also concluded that ‘country of citizenship’ is an unreliable indicator as to whether someone represents a terrorism threat.

Department of Homeland

DHS Reports Says in Effect There is No Merit For A Travel Ban

In other words, the entire rational basis of Trump’s Travel Ban has no reasonable foundation whatsoever, as it does not in any way improve the nation’s security.

Judge Robart is still planning to hear this case on its merits.

Whether this will stop Trump’s travel ban proposals in their tracks altogether is not known, but if he does come forward with another Executive Order Travel Ban, the opposition to it have will be able cite these reports as evidence to have it struck down.

Those against the travel ban will still need prove that the ban is discriminatory and personal harm caused by the ban’s implementation, but the courts specifically asked the Justice Department (Team Trump) to prove with evidence how the ban would make America safer and these latest reports suggest that the evidence is not with them.

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