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by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on March 2, 2017

What Happen to the Travel Ban?

President Trump promised two weeks ago that he would be issuing a new travel ban and then it was pushed to Wednesday March 1st 2017, but the day before the President addressed Congress and his speech was so well received that it was quickly decided in the Trump Camp to push the Executive Order to another day.

We still have no clear idea when this Executive Order might be released. From following various news sources the Executive Order is simply not ready delay seems to be both constitutional and political matters that are still being worked out.

One constitutional side, the Justice Department and Homeland Security was tasked indirectly through the Court to prove that there was indeed a threat to national security to justify the travel ban, my understanding is that this is proving difficult because there have been no foiled attempted acts of terrorism from citizens of these countries coming to the US, as far as I can tell. Another vexing issue to address is precisely who should be included in the ban and excluded from the ban from these countries.

News that has come out is that green card holders will be exempt, but it’s not clear who else might be exempt. If no one else is exempt then there will be so many affected citizens that this will trigger a slew of legal challenges from current visa holders that would be barred, and for those seeking visas to visit loved ones or for other reasons such as study, work or attend conferences. So there’s is a lot still to figure out here.

On the Political front there is now news that the Trump Administration now wants to take Iraq off the list of countries since there are in many ways our allies against ISIS. Others in the news are now arguing that the longer the delay to the Executive Order, the more it weakens the Administration’s argument that this ban is really necessary at all as the original argument was declared as a national emergency.

The notion of a Travel Ban, aka, Muslim Ban [and I only use the term ‘Muslim Ban’ as this was then Donald Trump’s stated objective and this statement and others by Trump was cited in the legal pleadings], is clearly doing more damage than good in keeping America safe and it is hoped that pursuance of the ban will be abated.

In the meantime, we are encouraging all of our prospective clients and client to keep moving forward with their travel plans, because the longer they delay their plans they may ultimately discover that the delay was for nothing. Of course we do not know for sure where the ban is going and when it might pop up again, but it seems unfair for all concerned to be on hold.

As soon as we get more news we’ll post it.

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