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Coronavirus = A Digital Revolution?

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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Thank You!!!!
Thank you for all the emails of support I’ve been getting regarding the newsletters I’ve been sending out lately. Wow!!!, you guys have been amazing.
Thank you so much for the encouragement, much appreciated. I had no idea my newsletters were having such an impact. I’ll do my best to keep them coming, but you know, I do have a day job :). So, if you do not hear from me for a few days or so, just know that I’m very busy working my cases along with my legal team.
The Digital Revolution
As each state in the U.S. implements a ‘Shelter in Place’ policy, the entire U.S. economy is rapidly having to adjust to this new reality. Even if those businesses that were somewhat old-fashioned store front type businesses are working as hard as they can to reinvent themselves if they possibly can in order to survive. Sadly, for some it will be simply too late.
Trust now, believe me later, if you work in STEM, (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), your skills are likely to quadruple in value. Yes, quadruple, as the U.S. economy is going to need your skills more than ever in order to emerge from the long-term effects of the Coronavirus. America is going to need your skills to help BC (Before Coronavirus) businesses super large and super small, reimagine their businesses to be able to flourish as a AC (After Coronavirus) digital business. The Coronavirus has literally been the wakeup shot heard around the world for businesses everywhere to go digital or go bust.
Businesses Will find a Way
It is true that not every business can become a digital business, but many can, in fact more than you might think at first. I guess it depends on how creative business owners large or small are willing to convert their in-person communication skills and services into digital ‘in-persona’ skills and services.
For example, if you’re a hairdresser and have a salon, maybe you can think of creative ways provide digital tutorials on hairdressing online, beauty treatments, etc. Perhaps you can develop beauty products the you previously sold in-person, maybe now you can promote them online and sell them that way. Maybe you can develop an online appointment booking service for exclusive private in-store appointments maintaining social distancing. Perhaps you could set up a home service option where you have a team of employees, who have been cleared of the virus, doing home visits.
Another example could be your local bakery taking your orders online and then each week making routine stops to your house like clockwork so you can still enjoy your favorite treats. Are you able to build digital relationships? Are you able to digitize you?
Cinema to Streaming Services
The Entertainment Industry is going to have short-term and perhaps long term challenges, as some people may not want to go back into closed cinema settings to watch a film, and so we’re already now seeing the major film makers such as Amazon begin offering brand new films through their streaming service instead, they are not waiting around.
How long will it take for potentially vulnerable patrons, in a post AC world, after the virus has it’s taken its full toll, to feel ‘safe’ in crowded public spaces. I’m not thinking about the young ‘invincible’ people, I’m thinking about the millions of people who would have been personally affected or knew someone affected by the Coronavirus. I’m thinking not until a vaccination is in place. Eighteen months from now? how many Cinemas will still be open by then?
Explosion in Demand for STEM Professionals
In order to go digital, almost every business in America is going to need the skills of STEM professionals like you to help them figure out a way to invent themselves. All those businesses who had no desire to go digital have, have without notice, found themselves literally shut down overnight or severely compromised. Many millions of businesses can be saved, while, for others, it will simply be too late.
The Coronavirus will not be with us for long, how long exactly, is anyone’s guess. What I do know is that every business owner in America, indeed the world, has been affected or will be affected, and are already being confronted with the reality of having not digitized their business or not having digitized their business enough. These businesses will need your help.
Are You Walking the Walk?
I may have mentioned in an earlier newsletter that about twenty percent of my law firm staff are software developers; meaning that for the last three years, I have invested heavily in developing a highly sophisticated online case management platform so that we can effectively work with clients from around the world to develop their cases online.
We’ve been developing video tutorials (450 and counting) to help explain to client’s what documents we’ll need for their case and why they need them. We’re developing internal training videos so that staff are digitally trained and we’re using online video conferencing for team meetings.
We’ve also been developing an Artificial Intelligence within our platform, we call her Amy (Artificial Management Intellegence – AMI / AMY). We are programming Amy to actively monitor our entire online case management system so that every case in our entire database is being actively tracked, and if any case does not get sufficient attention, or falls outside our management algorithms, Amy will pick up on it and email daily reports to staff and management alike. Every week Amy is getting smarter and thus our law firm is just getting better and better.
Still, after three years of heavy investment in digital technology, we’ve still a long way to go, but we’ve made amazing progress. I’m more motivated than ever to keep up the pace of I.T. development. We have so much more to accomplish in I.T., if we’re going thrive in the long term. So, I’m definitely walking the walk.
STEM Professionals, Get Ready!
If you work at the highest levels in STEM, America needs you more than ever, whether or not they realize it right now, in the face of this pandemic. I need you to get ready for what will be a huge demand for your skills. In other words, buy your toilet paper now, while no one is looking.
If you are a H-1B STEM worker with or without an approved EB-2, you need to think about working with us to help you secure an EB-1 Self-Sponsored green card. Don’t worry about whether or not you qualify right now for it, we can help you with that. Don’t worry that you may not be able to get your green card right this second, that’s not the point either; the point is all about getting ready, getting yourself in position to secure your green card while so many other people are totally distracted with the pandemic.
My question to you is, will you be ready when America wakes up to the fact that they need all the STEM workers they can get, and they need them right now?
Getting the Ball Rolling
So far, I’ve been very impressed with the number of new clients we are taking on right now. I call them my visionaries, my preppers, forward thinkers. You inspire me.
If you want to get started, you can, today, just go to and inquire. We’ll provide you with a totally free assessment and also provide you with active support and guidance so that you can qualify for an EB-1 Self-Sponsored green. You cannot afford to be tethered to a U.S. sponsor. Time to plan to cut the cord. You will then be totally free to take full advantage of being a STEM professional in an AC post-pandemic America.
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