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Diana Sayers – Model – O1 Visa *


One of the best parts of this job as a US Immigration Attorney is playing our part in helping our clients realize their American Dream,  this is what my team and I do, it’s what we work hard on achieving everyday.  You could say, this is our passion.  Taking on a clients case is such an honor because the client has placed their future in our hands, talk about pressure.  Diana Sayers, former Miss Northern Ireland came to us by way of a referral and I was delighted to make her acquaintance. I could not believe, as I got to know her, how much work went into not only becoming Miss Northern Ireland, but also the responsibilities that came with the title. The good-will work that these pageant winners are called upon to do is immense, demanding and rewarding.

In this interview I’ve tried encourage Diana to share as much of her story as possible to inspire our readers into action. Diana’s story is still unfolding, Hollywood beckons. I’m looking forward to seeing her walking the red carpet here as she has in Europe.

The Diana Sayers Interview
Introduction – Part 1 of 7
Putting The Work In – Part 2 of 7
Living the American Dream – Part 3 of 7
The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute – Part 4 of 7
Miss Northern Ireland I – Part 5 of 7
Miss Northern Ireland II – Part 6 of 7
Miss Northern Ireland III – Part 7 of 7

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