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Setting Up Your E2 Business in the United States

As our clients work towards obtaining the E2 Visa, there are a variety of moving parts that must be accomplished along with securing the E2 Visa. These parts include:

  • Finding the E2 Business;
  • Formalizing the Business (Incorporation Documentation) and;
  • Drafting a Business Plan

Having each of these parts expertly worked on is essential to successful securing the E2 Visa. In order to ensure that each part meets the requirements set by US Immigration, our firm has a sister company known as “E2 Visa Business Services LLC,” which can expertly work on finding the right E2 Business, working through business incorporation and drafting a business plan.

Finding the Right E2 Business 

Through our experience of working with E2 visa clients, we have seen that one of the biggest hurdles is finding the right E2 business. Many of our E2 visa applicants live in their home country and while they may not be difficult to actually find businesses, problems emerge when trying to establish reliable contact with the broker handling the sale of that business. Our clients have told us that they often have trouble communication with business brokers due to their international status.

Our E2 Visa Business Finder Service is designed to help solve this issue as we are based in the US and can readily reached by the Business Brokers during normal office hours.

When enlisting the help our our E2 Visa Business Finder service,  you will outline what type of business you are looking for and what your budget is. From there, we will do our best  to find you the most suitable businesses that meet your criteria. Once you select a business that we have suggested for you, we will then chase down the Business Broker on your behalf and ask for a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’, which you will need to sign and return before the Business Broker will release the financials of that business.

Our clients find that this is an absolutely invaluable service in the E2 Visa process and we hope you’ll enjoy working with with it too.

Formalizing the Business – Obtaining Incorporation Documentation

Every E2 Visa Applicant has to  incorporate their own company in the United States, even if they are buying an existing business. Here in the United States, a company is the legal entity that owns the business and governs its operations.  As such as company is a separate legal entity from their owners.  Therefore, for E2 visa purposes all applicants are required to first incorporate and then buy or set-up their business under their particular corporation.

The E2 Visa Business Services LLC has the resources to set up the corporate entity. It is important to note that the entity consists of lawyers and not CPA’s as such we always recommend our clients to speak to a CPA or a Tax Attorney to determine the best option.  That being said most small business owners typically incorporate as a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). We can set up any type of incorporation you wish upon your instructions.

With your incorporation you will need a Certificate of Incorporation if the State issues the same; Articles of Incorporation, Share Certificates, a Register of Shares and for LLCs an Operating Agreement. We’ll ensure that you have all of the incorporation paperwork you will require for your E2 visa application.

Many companies offer similar services to the public, however it is important to keep in mind that they may not be familiar with the exact documentation required for the E2 Visa.   As such, it is  extremely very important to get all of your incorporation documents first time every time.

Business Plan 

Drafting a Business Plan can be a daunting part of the E2 Visa process, as it is also regarded as one of the most important documents you will submit in your application. There are many types and styles of Business Plans and they vary according to the purpose that they will serve. As such it is very important that your Business Plan is written in the best format suited for your E2 Visa case.

Thus, whether you are looking to buy an established business or set up your own business, US Immigration will definitely want to hear all about your vision for your business over the next five years. Your Business Plan should outline how you intend to grow your business, and create and/or sustain good jobs for US Citizens. A well-drafted Business Plan will cover all of the statutory elements of an E2 visa so that as the US Immigration Officer reads your Business Plan, he or she will be inspired with confidence that with you at the helm of this business you will do very well indeed.

Ready to Begin the E2 Visa Process? Lets Get Started! 

The E2 Visa Business Services LLC provides a variety of services that can assist in successfully obtaining your E2 Treaty Visa. Call our our team of specialists t0days to schedule your free consultation. We will work with you and guide you through the entire E2 Visa Treaty Process and set you up with the E2 Visa Business Services LLC.  We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can make your American Dream a reality.

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