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E2 Visa Guide:

Dear Chris

Just to let you know the good news, we received our 3 year E2 visas yesterday in the post. thanks for all your hard work over the past few months and for presenting such a comprehensive application, all we need to do now is to sort out Chris’ student visa and we are away. things are going very well as well in the restaurant now the weather has started to get better. so once again thanks for all your efforts


Nigel & Family

This is the type of email I look forward to receiving everyday. It’s from a client who had been working with us to prepare his E2 Visa application.

The E2 visa is an investment visa opportunity for those aliens looking for a way to relocate to the US by starting or buying their own business. The E2 visa presents some really awesome opportunities for aliens to secure for themselves indefinite stay in the US.

To find out more please visit my website and get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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