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If you are looking for a great E2 business, imagine owning one of the highly regarded businesses in the United States and around the world, The UPS Store. We have many clients looking to relocate to the United States under the E2 visa program which is a great visa by the way, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite franchises for you to take a look at.

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The UPS Store

Trying to find the right business to carry your E2 visa can be quite challenging, It’s very important to choose a business that can really go the distance and provide long-term security for you and your family. When looking at a franchise business, for example The UPS Store, you have the possibility to scale your business into multiple units. Many investors start with one location but before long they are able to take on others.

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Our goal here is to provide you with some initial ideas and figures by exposing you to various franchise opportunities that exist here in the United States. Finding the right franchise that suits your needs is extremely important, as it can impact the overall success of your investment. If you’re interested in going for a Franchise investment in the UPS Store, let us know as we have some excellent contacts.

About the Franchise

UPS MailboxOriginally founded in 1980 in Carlsbad, California under the Mail Boxes Etc. brand as an USPS office alternative this small chain of postal and small business services stores has grown to more than 4,500 locations after being purchased by UPS in 2003 and rebranded as The UPS Store. Being a subsidiary of a global logistics leader while providing an easily deployable and affordable business model makes The UPS store is a mainstay on top franchise rankings, while also providing global brand recognition and regular national advertising campaigns. This is also one of the faster-growing franchises in the industry, with the company currently seeking new franchises throughout North America.

All store locations are franchisee owned, with more than one-third of franchisees owning multiple locations. The average location requires 3-5 employees to run making this a perfect fit for E2 Visa requirements, with this company providing the added benefit of allowing absentee ownership, giving the owner the option and ability to purpose other ventures, or simply take some time off!

UPS ManJob Creation

In order to have a fully functional and operational UPS Store location, you will need to employ 3-5 employees. Unlike other franchises, The UPS Store does not require the franchisor to remain in charge in the day to day business, so after a few years you can look towards opening more franchise locations or other investment opportunities.

Investment Requirements

Being prepared for the overall cost of purchasing and operating your very own UPS Store, franchise is extremely important. While the costs listed here are from informational materials from The UPS Store, they are subject to be higher or lower based on each individual franchisors position and the current market rate of the franchise license.

UPS InstoreAverage start-up costs range from $167,825 – $353,580, with that large variance owing to the real estate and any build-out and customization that may be needed. Even on the low-end of the cost range this business is ideal for E2 investment requirements.

The franchisee requirements are also very reasonable, with a liquid cash requirement as low as $60,000 – with financing available for start-up costs, equipment, and inventory, if needed. The initial franchise fee is just under $30,000, with up to a 10-year renewable term, and an ongoing royalty of 8.5%.

Training Course

UPS with CustomerThe UPS Store provides a wealth of training and assistance available throughout the process, both from the Franchise Development team in the early stages or the comprehensive training available for operations. There are 40-45 of online webinars to start, after which there is a one-week on-site training at a regional training center in your area. There are further courses and programs available for those interested, including a 9 Day Workshop on site in San Diego, CA. 

Getting the Ball Rolling

If purchasing a The UPS Store franchise sounds like a suitable option for your investment needs, contact our offices for further information or help finding an available location in the area you wish to locate in.

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