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 Hi – I am originally from Stockholm, Sweden where I began my career as a makeup artist 15 years ago. In 2008 my family received an E2 visa and we made our home in Los Angeles. As the spouse of an E2 visa holder I was able to continue career in California working as a makeup artist with several TV-shows and commercial productions.

Before deciding to move to America I had traveled quite a bit to California since I have family in Santa Barbara. I fell in love with the country and this state specifically at an early age. It’s always been my dream to build my career and raise a family here, which has finally been realized, thanks to Chris Ingram and his wonderful associates.

Getting an EB1 green card was always my ultimate goal. The E2 visa was certainly a great stepping-stone but I knew it was not a permanent solution. My husband ran our E2 business for many years and although our son had grown up here but wasn’t born here, I always knew I had to find a way to make our stay permanent in the long run and so I knew only the EB1 green card would get the job done.


Knowing I had built quite a bit of a resume doing makeup, I read up on the requirements for an EB1 and even went to see another lawyer. Unfortunately, as most lawyers, he didn’t know much about the make up business I was in and wasn’t very optimistic. As I kept searching I came across Chris Ingram’s website and I felt immediately I had to try again. I emailed Chris and to my big surprise he personally called me up and spent an hour on the phone convincing me that I was an ideal candidate for an EB1 green card and he sounded very confident indeed that my case would be successful, of course he could not make any guarantees. For the first time in seven years I felt that I had a chance of getting my green card based on my achievements. It was an amazing feeling.

It took us almost exactly a year to put the case together, and I felt the whole time that Attorney Chris Ingram and his team knew what they were doing. I never considered giving up and I know they wouldn’t have let me! It was teamwork all the way and I have to say I have never experienced anything like it.


When it comes to talking about Chris and his Team I don’t know where to begin. Most of my experiences with lawyers have been pretty impersonal and I never had anyone tell me they were confident they could get me an approval. The level of trust and humanity I experienced was beyond what I thought you could get from a lawyer. Every time I emailed with a question, I got a thorough and genuine response. Lindsey, my assigned caseworker has felt like a friend, every time we spoke and she put my nerves at ease and reenergized me. Going through the EB1 green card process is no joke as the stakes are very high and the evidentiary requirements that need to be satisfied must be precisely and comprehensively satisfied. I can’t explain how much it means during something as stressful as having your life and future in someone’s hands. I honestly felt they all wanted my green card to be approved as much as I did!

I need to tell how I found out about my EB1 green card was approved. Well, given that I literally just found out that I was approved in the last 48 hours I can say I’m still in shock!! You can check the status of your case at USCIS online and so I read the status over and over and over and even double checked the receipt number to make sure I wasn’t reading someone else’s case haha! After making sure it was real, I screamed out loud of joy. And now my little family is off to celebrate!

When I now think about my future, just knowing what I built here can continue to grow is an amazing feeling. I love this country with all my heart and I’m very excited to think that in five years we will be working with Chris again – but for our citizenship this time! 

I have always felt my home was here in the US more than in Stockholm so I am just thankful I get to stay where my heart belongs.

If I can give a word of encouragement to anyone going through this process or thinking about starting this process I’d say, have faith. Never give up. Trust Chris and his team – they are the best lawyers out there!!

One last thing – There are a lot of immigration lawyers out there that may not have the depth of experience as Chris and his team does and may tell you that you have no chance, as they did me, and had I not pursued my dream I would not have come across Chris. The reason why I was so delighted to have this opportunity to share my story was to hopefully inspire you to go for it, but not with just any lawyer, but with Chris because his team really does have the technical skills, drive and commitment to get you there. Yes – it’s hard work on your part but I’m so glad I did it, I can’t begin to tell you. I have my green card, my husband and son does too. You can’t beat that.

EB1 Green Card Success for Hollywood Make Up Artist Anna – We’re delighted to have won this case for Anna. Often times make up artist are not considered as that important, but in truth everyone who has ever appeared on camera for a major photo shoot must pass through the hands of a skilled makeup artist, there is simply no two ways about it. For 15 years Anna has been working her way up to make up profession from Sweden all the way to Hollywood California. What is equally impressive is that Anna has also trained herself and her body to such a degree that she is now often invited to work in front of the camera as a sports model. Because of Anna’s natural beauty and physical shape Anna is now highly sought after as a sports make up artist. Working in front the camera and behind the camera has given Anna tremendous insight into how makeup works on camera. We absolutely loved the challenge of working with Anna, not only was she a joy to work with but she was very determined to do what ever was necessary in order to provide us with the best possible evidence of her rise to success and boy did it pay off. US Immigration had no trouble approving this EB1 green card case without any hesitation. Anna we wish you all the very best in your enduring career.

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