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EB1 Green Card – Dawn -International Fashion Stylist – UK

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Dawn is an international fashion stylist with a worldwide reputation.

A Star That Continues to Rise: When we first started with Dawn, she had made a name for herself in the UK’s fashion circles as a stylist to the rich and famous, but Dawn’s career accelerated forward, becoming not only a recognized name in Britain’s fashion world, but in the Middle East, as well. Dawn is a leading stylist and fashion guru that has been featured on a number of television shows, as well as authoring her own column and leading fashion events in the UK and the United Arab Emirates. With a career like Dawn’s, her extraordinary ability was evident, and we are so pleased to have secured an EB1 approval for her!


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Tell me about where you are from and a little bit about what you do.

I am a fashion stylist, novelist and TV presenter from the UK.

How did you work your way up the ranks to reach your level and what were some of the challenges along the way.

I started as a journalist straight out of university working for national newspapers and magazines, I moved into Fashion Styling when I bought my own vintage clothing retail business and from then went on to work in luxury fashion as a stylist and writer. TV Presenting became a passion when I was asked to present TV Fashion Expert segments for major news channels, and during a few years spent in Dubai I had my own weekly fashion segment on the largest English speaking channel, since then I regularly host Red Carpets, entertainment shows and Fashion and Celebrity led content.I have also just finished writing my first novel which is being published in the fall. I work in a very competitive business so I’ve had work hard and not get demotivated.


Dawn has been featured as a style expert and critic on a number of television shows.

Have you ever lived in the US before? If so, under what circumstances? If not, what aroused your interest in a move to the US?

I have never lived in the U.S but for fashion and entertainment both New York and LA are the best places in the world – it was the obvious choice.

How did you decide to pursue an EB1?

I wanted the freedom and flexibility to be able to freelance between the UK and the U.S while I was establishing myself and the EB1 green card gave me that. Plus, I must be a glutton for punishment or highly competitive because when I found it was the hardest to get approved I was even more determined than ever to pursue the EB1.

What was your experience with the EB1 petition process?

It was honestly a long process, but over the time I had some fantastic people work on the case who really took it as their own and made a massive impact. It was the USCIS Processing times that were really insane, I would recommend premium processing, with the benefit of hindsight I should have done this.


Dawn’s fashion expertise is recognized around the world.

What were some of the challenges you had to work on in the preparation of your case, for example evidence gathering?

Evidence gathering was lengthy and takes a lot of time and dedication, never underestimate the level of evidence needed and keep it fresh and up-to-date. Getting letters of people is also something you have to constantly chase.

What kind of relationship did/do you have Chris and his team?

Well over the years I’ve seen the team change quite a bit, some great staff members have left and some great new ones joined, being geographically so far apart everything was done over email and the phone but I always got a sense of each different person and their role and always knew who to go to for what.

What were you doing when you found out you were approved? What was your immediate reaction? How did/will you celebrate?

Actually it was about midnight here when I got the email and I immediately burst into tears. I’m taking a trip to New York to celebrate.

What are you looking forward to most about moving to the US?

Oh, so much, the weather, getting to live in my two dream cities LA and New York, the food, the people…the list is endless

What will you miss the most about your home country?

Not that much to be honest 🙂

What advice would you give to any immigrant considering an EB1 or who is already in the process?

I would say go for it, don’t be put off by the pretty scary description of the classification, but be prepared to work really hard over a period of time, constantly supply new evidence and understand the importance of testimonials to your application. There is a lot of waiting and downtime (without premium processing) but ultimately if you are successful it is totally worth it!


Dawn’s career has reached impressive heights, but she will continue to see success by moving to the US.