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EB1 Success — Filmmakers

EB1 Success – Filmmakers in the United States 

While our clients have backgrounds in a variety of fields, we have had the opportunity to successfully secure the EB1 Green Card for a variety of individuals in the Film Industry. More specifically we have secured EB1 Green Cards for Film Editors / Screenwriters, Producers, and Film Directors. Each of these individuals were incredible in their own right and it was our pleasure to make their American Dream a reality.

Each of these individuals certainly worked in differing areas of the Film Industry, but they nonetheless had all the required evidence to secure their Green Card. In this article, we will go through each of these individuals briefly to highlight on what types of accolades and evidence they were able to utilize.

The Categories

In order to file a successful EB1 Application, US Immigration requires all EB1 Applicants to satisfy three of ten categories they have enumerated. While these categories range over different types of achievements, we have typically utilized the following categories in our casework. However, if having reviewed all ten of the categories you feel you can satisfy other categories, please of course let us know.

  1. Receipt of Lesser Nationally or International Award;
  2. Published Materials;
  3. Judging;
  4. Exhibitions and Showcases;
  5. Leading or Critical Role.

Receipt of Lesser Nationally or International Award 

Receiving multiple nationally or internationally recognized awards in your field of endeavor is a category that Jason our Film producer utilized in obtaining his EB1 Green Card. Jason had several projects that were placed on the “shortlist” of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. In addition, Jason had produced a variety of commercials that won awards at the Cannes Lions Festival. Jason had no problem satisfying this category as he had an extensive list of awards and accolades he had received for his work throughout the course of his career.

Published Materials 

Published materials include being featured or written about in newspapers and magazines or media outlets such as online publications that have a substantial following.

Jason was able to utilize this category to his advantage as he was featured in a variety of industry publications such as “The Magazine of Moving Images,” and the arts section of a variety newspapers. In addition, the projects that he worked on had gained quite a bit of media attention through a variety of outlets. Jason was able to provide extensive documentation of the instances in which he was published which greatly helped in solidify this category.


In the case of individuals from the Film Industry there are often a variety of events where they can judge the work of others. Whether it is judging an actual film festival or judging the work of others during a training program, our clients have been able to satisfy this category successfully.

Both Daniel and Sam provided us with photos, brochures and invitation/thank you letters for each instance in which they served as a judge. As a judge, Sam worked with CollabFeature to select other filmmakers around the world to work together on films. Daniel on the other hand, was a co-found and Executive Director of a film competition, and he was the ultimate arbiter in selecting the films accepted to final consideration as well as selection of the final judges panel.

Judging is a category that many EB1 Filmmakers and EB1 applicants in general utilize in their petition.

Exhibitions and Showcases 

For our filmmakers many of them have had their films featured in film festivals both regional, national and international. This category, is exceptionally well suited for our filmmakers as they have often appeared in many and have the requisite evidence to satisfy this category.

Both Daniel and Sam had their films in exhibitions and showcases. Sam had a variety of his films (shorts, feature length, documentary and fiction) showcased in film festival around the world. We selected the most prestigious ones that he had participated in which included Cinema Verite, 4th Annual Police Film Festival, and the Iranian Youth Cinema Society Film Festival.

Daniel was an independent filmmaker who primarily focused on screenwriting and editing. The most prestigious of these included the Aesthetica Short Film Festival and the St. Kilda Film Festival.

Both clients were able to successfully use this category to their benefit and they had great evidence to support that their work was featured at each of these festivals.

Leading Critical Role

All three of our filmmakers Jason, Daniel and Sam utilized this category in their EB1 Application. For a filmmaker playing a leading or critical role means that their participation on a project was such that the project would not have been completed without them. In addition they were able to show that the projects they worked on enjoyed a distinguished reputation.

Through Jason’s work as a Cinematographer, Director and Producer it was clear that each of these roles were critical to any media production. In addition, the films that he worked on were oscar nominated, or multi-award winning productions that easily satisfied the distinguished reputation portion of the category.

Similarly, as a Screenwriter and Editor Daniel had worked on several TV, Film and Commercial accounts. Many of the accounts he worked on were major and well-known brands which of course satisfied that distinguished reputation requirement. Not only that the Daniel is the Executive Director of the One Shot Movie Competition, which attracts hundreds of submissions each year. As such Daniel had the requisite experience in his career to establish that he had played a critical role.

Lastly, Sam due to his recognition for working on and producing award winning films he had been selected for projects that had both a national and international impact. Sam had worked on a groundbreaking project for the number one broadcasting company in Iran. In addition, Sam worked on the award winning film “The Owner” by CollabFeature.

The leading or critical role category is one that many of our clients, filmmakers or not utilize in satisfy the criteria for the EB1 Green Card. As described above, every client has shown at least 2 (if not more) critical roles that they have played and that those roles were with organizations that had distinguished reputations.

We Can Help

If you are an individual in the Film Industry who feels like their career may be similar to any of those listed above, or know that you have truly enjoyed a distinguished career contact our offices! Our specialists are ready and willing to work with you and determine which of the three EB1 Categories best suit your case. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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