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Embassy Guide to Green Card

Step-by-Step Video Series

Step-by-Step Video Series

Most immigration cases ultimately require the alien at some time to or another pass through the Embassy. Some K1, K3 and Green cases can be filed directly at the Embassy however, in reality these cases are rarely actually processed through the Embassy. Typically, the case will be sent to Chicago where it will be initially screened and processed. Once it has been determined that the cases qualifies for the issuance of a visa, the case is then sent to the National Visa Center in New Hampshire where it will be processed again and issued with a green card number.

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Finally the case is shipped back to the Embassy where the Embassy will then send out an information and instruction pack so the alien can under go a medical examination through a local authorized medical facility. At the same time the Embassy will carry out a criminal background check on the applicant.  When the medical and the back ground check have been completed the alien is invited to the Embassy for an interview.

Embassy interviews, if you’ve ever gone to one before, is almost like going to a bank, but where the queues can easily be three hours long.  The interview itself is typically a very short curt affair where a decision will be made. There are three possible outcomes; yes, no or more information will be required before the case is approved. Whilst everyone would love to get a yes first time, having to go back with further information is not necessarily a bad thing, sure it’s a little inconvenient but as long as the outcome is a yes, then everyone should be happy. Obviously getting a no is not want anyone wants to hear and you should not ever have to experience that if your case is prepared professionally.

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