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    Introduction: I love working with ‘entertainment’ clients. Having graduated from Huddersfield University with a Master of Laws and Letters in Entertainment Law Contracts, I get to use my entertainment law experience with US Immigration law expertise.  O1 visas and EB1 visas  are for aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, business, education, sciences and sport. So whilst this section is focused on our entertainment clients in front and behind the camera we also help our extraordinary ability clients who work at the top of their professions in the other areas too.

    O1 visas are based on extraordinary ability but these visas are for a one to three year duration.  O1 visas can be packaged and processed fairly quickly for short notice projects. The EB1 visa is really a green card and presents a fantastic opportunity.  EB1 green cards can take months to prepare and months to process, so many of our clients enter the US on an O1 visa while we continue to work on and process their EB1 applications.

    P1 and P3 visas are for entertainment artists also, typically for cultural events. These artists do not have to be internationally renowned so P visas are regarded as a great option for consideration.

    Steve Cluett comes to Hollywood and now work with the stars - Its the American Dream

    Client Success Story: From UK to Hollywood: Some years ago a very interesting client that came my way was Steve. Steve married an American Citizen Donna who was also a British Citizen so they asked me to take care of their case. Steve, a Police officer from the UK and his wife Donna were a joy to work with. After settling in the US Steve decided to put his many years of Police work to good use and set up his own private security company called Complete Security Protection(CSP). Over the years Steve’s company grew, as did his reputation for excellence. Today, CSP is the security company to many of the biggest names in Hollywood.  I remember watching the Oscars on TV only to spot Steve working the Red Carpet mingling with my favourite actors and thinking, how did that happen. If you’d like to learn more about CSP and the services they provide Please check out his website. We’re very proud of our Steve and Donna.

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