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O1 Visa – This is Daniel Viney’s Immigration Story

I believe my story really is the epitome of the American Dream. I originally came to the US as a student. Once I completed my studies I was able to obtain a J1 visa.  The J1 visa is basically a work experience visa. The J1 visa was great because it enabled me to work in Los Angeles, California as a trainee. I worked in the animation field as a technician. After living in Los Angeles for several years as a student and then as a trainee, my personal and business life became embedded here.  I gradually realized that I had to sort out a more permanent visa otherwise I’d soon have to move back to the UK. I loved my life here and being able to work in the entertainment industry was literally a dream come true.

I started searching for a suitable immigration lawyer on the Internet. I tried to research what US Immigration visas might be out there that could help me settle permanently in the US. I soon found that the more I searched for quality information the more I got confused; there was a lot of conflicting information even on the official US Government websites. I got so frustrated. Most of the immigration lawyers I had used were previous recommendations by friends or business contacts but I was never really happy with the overall service I got from them which is why I did not use them again. One day my good friend David Gayle, Vice President of New Media at MTV recommended me to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram based in Los Angeles.  David had personally worked with Chris Ingram and had a lot good things to say about him.

During the first consultation with Attorney Chris Ingram I began to feel that his firm would provide me with the best chance of success. I had already experienced three or four other immigration lawyers and immigration law firms but Chris and his team seemed different right away. Previous lawyers I spoke to seemed to read from a list of things or boxes I could fit into or not (as the case may be) and getting an O1 visa was always made out to seem virtually impossible unless you had won an Academy Award. Chris was able to highlight various solutions to the problems I faced and was also very clear about how it worked.

 I now own a Los Angeles based new media production company with a business partner who is a US Citizen. We have a facility and employees in the US. In recent years we have carved out a certain niche for ourselves in the entertainment industry creating “animated” comic books using a unique production style we developed. We have worked for most of the studios and have produced an animated series for MTV. We are currently working on a series for Disney. I still have to pinch myself to believe all of this is real.

The hardest part of any US Immigration process is getting all the paperwork together. It can be a nightmare unless you know exactly what you are doing. Chris Ingram and his team knew exactly what they were doing and were able to guide me through the process in a very precise way.  The main assignment given to me by the law office was for me to call in every favor I could so that I could get at least a dozen testimonial letters confirming my achievements.  To qualify for the O1 visa you really do have to demonstrate that you’re amongst the very best in your field. You certainly do not have to have won an Oscar but you do have to show that you are, in your own way, a leader in your particular field, working with the “Big Boys” and holding your own.  In my very short career I had done very well, very quickly and had worked on a number of Blockbuster films.  I had created a new technique in animation that had garnered a lot of industry buzz from senior executives in the field.

  The first moment I got truly excited was when I got a call from the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram telling me that my application had been approved. I could hear a lot of cheering and shouting in the background of the law offices as if they had only just got the news themselves before calling me. I was ecstatic. The thought of being able to stay and work in the States would make my life so much easier as up until that point after my J1 visa had expired I had to relocate back to the UK and work remotely from there but keep California hours.  Once everyone had gotten over the celebration the next task in the process was to go to the Embassy and have my 01 approval stamped into my passport so that I could fly back to Los Angeles officially in O1 status. I think everyone’s a little nervous when the day arrives to go to the US Embassy in London. Just the US Embassy building itself is a little daunting. For me, however, it seemed surreal. I pulled a number and before I knew it my number was called. I thought to myself that this can’t be a good sign as there were people who had been waiting far longer than I and yet here I was approaching the window first. The Immigration Officer looked through my file and pretty much gave me the thumbs up then and there. It was a huge sense of relief.

I talk to a lot of friends and colleagues about US Immigration generally, many of them seem to think that anyone can relocate to America at the drop of a hat, it’s that easy. It certainly is not that easy and I often hear of people who tried to do things themselves and end up in a right mess.  Without a doubt I would refer any family, friends or work colleagues to the Law Offices of Chris Ingram not just because I stand here as another success story but because this was the only law firm who truly understood the process, (at least half of the staff within Chris’ firm have gone through the immigration process first hand), and who were confident in their ability to find the solution for my situation. The O1 visa may not be the path for you, but the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram will look at your particular set of circumstances and give you their honest opinion as to your options.

 I’m delighted that I have my O1 visa. The O1 visa can actually be renewed indefinitely as long as I stay working in this field. However, even though I have my O1 visa the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram are now working on applying for my green card.  Having a green card will mean that I can live in the US permanently; for life if I wish. I can retire, work or not work.  The green card is the last step before I can actually apply for US Citizenship.  I’d like to thank Chris Ingram and his team for making my life possible in the US.  Thank you.

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