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I hope you will be able to draw some much needed inspiration from reading the stories we’re currently posting to this section of our website. For many years we’ve been winning case after case, but for some reason (British modesty perhaps) we’ve not publized our success. However, potential clients who have read our excellent content about visas still needed some assurance as to our capabilities because there was very little on our website about real clients we’ve worked with.  We’re changing all of that now by making the time to publish stories about some of our most inspirational cases.

It’s going to take a few months to get the ball rolling on this as we need our client’s support and they are busy working on their American Dream, but as always we’ll do our best for you, our readers, to bring these stories to you so please watch this space.

Please give us your feed back on these stories and maybe one day you’ll become one of our success stories in the future.

Sucess Story List
EB1 Samantha’s Story

Graduate Employment
H-1B Graduate Visa
EB1 Green Card For Highly Successful Graduates
EB2  Green Card Guide for MA/MSC/PHD
EB3  Green Card Guide for BA and Skilled Workers
Success Stories
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