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Green Card – USICS Screening and Processing Procedures/National Visa Processing Center (NVPC)/Allocation of Your Visa Number/Embassy Phase/Medical Requirements

USICS Screening And Processing Procedures

USCIS Screening And Processing Procedures:

As soon as your case is ready for filing the BTUSA Practice Manager will take one final look at your case in every detail. This is one of several BTUSA quality control check measures we have in place to ensure that nothing is over looked. Even though clients are generally anxious to hurry their cases through the system, they nevertheless rely on us to produce the highest possible quality of work. Your case will therefore be pre-screened before it is actually filed.

When the Embassy receives your case, they will quickly check that the items listed below are in order, for example:

1. The US Citizen is resident outside the US
2. Forms signed and dated
3. Correct filing fee paid
4. Evidence of US Citizenship included
5. Evidence of alien’s citizenship included
6. Evidence of prior marriages included
7. Etc.

National Visa Processing Center (NVPC)

When your case is finally approved it will be first transferred to New Hampshire and then to the Embassy in the alien’s country.

The NVPC will note the approval of the petition and determine whether or not an actual visa is available for the beneficiary (alien spouse). With the exception of spouses, fiancé (e)’s, parents and children of US Citizens all other family visas are subject to annual quotas. When these quotas are reached no further visas can be issued until new quotas are available. For many beneficiaries the wait can be years. For the above list of immediate family members there are no quotas so these cases should clear NVPC processing in days before being sent to the Embassy for visa issuance.

Allocation of Your Visa Number

When your petition is approved you will be given two key numbers. The first is your ‘A’ number, this will be the number that will ultimately track your case and end up on your green card. This number can be found on your approved petition. Secondly you will have a NVPC case number. Your case number is the number that the Embassy will reference when processing your green card. As with all reference numbers it is a very good idea to check these number on any correspondence to make sure it has been copied correctly since a typo here could result in an unnecessary delay in your case.

Embassy Phase

There is a lot of anxiety around this time as clients are aware that the petition has been approved and all that is required after that is the formality of going for an interview. On the other hand this will be the first opportunity that US Immigration will have to inspect the alien who is about to be granted immigrant status, a permanent right to live in the US. The alien could have communicable diseases, have a criminal past or have criminal intentions. All these potential threats have to be removed as far as possible before any alien will be allowed into the US. The question then becomes, how is this done?

Firstly, there will be more forms to complete. As soon as you get your Embassy package in the mail you should quickly make a copy of it and send the original documents to your attorney. Your attorney will then review the documents and guide you through the Embassy requirements.

Your attorney will review the documents to see if there have been any recent changes in Embassy processing procedure since the last case was filed.

You should know that the Embassy will also offer advice and in many cases make the process sound very simple. You should also know that their objective is to screen you out, to protect their interests, not to protect yours. So it’s important to follow all the instructions given by your attorney as he or she is watching every aspect of your case so that you do not fall into any traps.

Medical Requirements

You will need to have a medical before your Embassy interview. The purpose of this medical we are told is to screen for communicable diseases. However, it is perfectly possible that they could be screening for absolutely anything. This having been said, even if you have genuine medical issues such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, etc these are perfectly acceptable and would not pose a bar to admission as they are not communicable.

Within the Embassy package you will receive detailed instructions and to how to make your medical appointment.