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The talented individuals that come to us seeking an EB1 Green Card for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability have a wide variety of evidence to be submitted to US Immigration. Among the categories available, two of them are devoted to awards, which can be some of the most incontrovertible pieces of evidence to support an EB1 Application.  Our clients can provide evidence of either a Major International Award or lesser international or national awards in satisfaction of this category.

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Winning Awards Such as The Nobel Prize Can Help You Get a Green Card!

What is a Major International Award?
In each EB1 category, a candidate must establish that they have sustained international or national critical acclaim in their field, and the most direct path to do this is prove that you have won a major, international award. US Immigration has listed the Nobel Prize, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA), and Emmy Awards as several examples of major, international awards.

To prove this, not only does the candidate need to show that they received the award for their talents, but that the award itself is internationally recognized. Only one such award is required to satisfy this category, and if a candidate is able to do so, they do not need to satisfy any other categories.

What is a Lesser Award?

Our Client Kesh with His Award for Best Outsourcing

Our Client Kesh with His Award for Best Outsourcing

Now, it is safe to say that applicants who have won major, international award are few and far between, but so many clients of ours have won other awards in their fields and are recognized nationally and internationally for their work. These types of awards are considered lesser international or national awards.

These types are much more common among our clients, who have received top honors in their industries. Included among these clients are Kesh, who was honored with the Best Outsourcing Award; Enes, who won several national windsurfing championships; and Chris, who served as the crew chief for several award-winning drag racers.

As you can see, the awards category can be one of the best examples of your extraordinary ability in your field of endeavor. To find out if your awards can help secure an EB1 Green Card for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, request a free consultation today.


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