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Joe Dumic – Business – E2

Joe was referred to us by Christie Davis of First Choice Business Brokers a national chain of business brokers.  Because First Choice are National where ever you want to relocate to they’ll probably be able to work with you and help you find that right business for sale.

Joe wanted to relocate from Germany to Las Vegas and by the time he made his final decision to buy this particular Camera shop we had to work very fast indeed; we managed by some miracle to get him his E2 Visa in a record five weeks. Working cases that fast is certainly not recommended because so much can go wrong and you need everything last thing to go without a hitch. Joe was extremely lucky, but some how working with Joe, Christie and my legal team we did it.

Joe (B & C Camera) is extremely happy having secured his E2 visa and now living his American Dream.


Joe Dumic E2 Interview Part 1 of 2
Joe Dumic E2 Interview Part 2 of 2
Joe Dumic’s Business Broker – Christie Davis
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