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Kim Forgham – Media – EB1 Green Card

Kim and Andrew came to us whilst in the US on student visas, and during the consultation  it became apparent that Kim had the makings of a ‘direct-to-green card’ EB1 opportunity due to her career in media advertising. In fact, Kim had risen so high in her field we became very confident that her case would be straight-forward if we both put the work in.

Kim was kind enough to allow us to film this interview and share her story. Kim is a highly qualified and accomplished client, and we have helped many clients obtain EB1 green card status with lesser accomplishments during their career. We hope you enjoy this interview.


There are many people who are thinking about relocating to the US and do not realize that they may already have the makings of a ‘direct-to-green card’ opportunity. There are many top professionals doing important jobs in mid to upper management who might qualify for this type of green card.

US Immigration does want the best and the brightest talent and have opened up two visa opportunities; the O1 visa for people who want to spend short periods in the US, perhaps for assignments, and the EB1 green card for people who have made the decision to settle permanently in the US. Some clients make their application while they’re in the US and some wait for their applications to be approved whilst in their home country.

The Kim Forgham EB1 Interview
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