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National Interest Waiver (NIW) Video Presentation Series – Other Comparable Evidence

Welcome to our National Interest Waiver (NIW) video presentation. In this section we’re going to continue our review of the seven NIW requirements. Ok – let’s get started.


Other Comparable Evidence

7. Other comparable evidence of eligibility is also acceptable.

Comparable Evidence – Here the precise wording is ‘Other comparable evidence of eligibility is also acceptable’. This is very much a catchall phrase just in case a person has a particular expertise that does not easily lend itself to the one of the six categories, but the applicant could, nonetheless have skills that should be considered as being of national interest.

For example, it is of particular National interest if a person has certain linguistic skills in certain languages where there may not be many people in the US with those skills and where those particular languages are of some importance. For example, ‘Ability to improve educational and training programs for US’.   Another example might be where someone has unique skills in the restoration of ancient manuscripts, which again the applicant may be able to claim ‘Ability to improve educational and training programs for US’.

We, therefore, have to be very open-minded to consider skill sets that could indeed be of National Interest.


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