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Paul Butler – Business – E2 Visa

Paul Butler and his family came to us back in 2006 with the dream of relocating to the US and making a fresh start. We began working together and after a lot of hard work Paul and his family got his E2 Investment visa to start his own training and development company called Newleaf. Later on after a very successful initial two years we filed for his extension which was granted. This new visa took him through to 2010.

 Paul Butler Interview 1 of 3


This interview was shot around November 2008 when we had just started planning how best to successfully apply for green cards for Paul and his family.  After some time we came up with a strategy that we thought might work and in October 2009, Paul and his family became proud green card holders.  Paul’s wife, Gaynor,  said to me when referring to the green cards they had just gotten in the mail – “They’re beautiful!”

Paul and his family can  really begin to feel they have secured their futures in the US permanently, which they have.

In this first part of this interview Paul talks about what made him decide to finally take the plunge to go for it. As Paul put it “You only have one life…”

Paul Butler Interview Part 1 of 3
Paul Butler Interview Part 2 of 3
Paul Butler Interview Part 3 of 3
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