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Example Business Plan

E2 business plans can take a variety of forms and styles. This template has all the elements of a sound E2 business plan , but feel free to make sure yours more colorful and add pie charts and bar graphs etc if you feel it will help illustrate your business. Use pictures where you can if the location is already up and running to help brighten your plan.

This plan is based on a client of ours who was starting his own business. The plan would be slightly different if the business was already a going concern. I’ll see if I can put one up for you asap.

“Design Gallery, LLC”

Proprietor Jeff Smith

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary & Sales Forecast Highlights 3
1.1. Organizational Chart 4
1.2. Set Up Costs Summary 5
1.3. Sales Forecasts over Five Year Period 6
1.4. Objectives 8
1.5. Mission 8
1.6. Keys To Success 8
2.0. Company Summary 9
2.1. Company Ownership 9
2.2. Start-Up Summary 9
3.0. Services 10
4.0. Marketing Analysis Summary 10
4.1. Market Segmentation 10
4.2. Target Market Segment Strategy 11
4.3. Competition and Buying Patterns 11
5.0. Strategy and Implementation Summary 12
5.1. Marketing Strategy 12
5.2.  Sales Strategy 12
5.3. Sales Forecast 13
5.4. Competitive Edge 13
6.0. Management Summary 14
6.1. Management / Executive Time Analysis6.2. Personnel Plan 1414


6.3. Salary Forecasts 16
1.0 Executive Summary

Jeff Smith (hereinafter called “The investor” is 43 years and for the last 17 years the investor has been self- employed working in the design and installations of mid-high end kitchens.

The investor has a website called – and extracts from this site have be included in this application for perusal.

The investor would like to open up a showroom in Florida in order to sell custom made kitchens. These kitchens, once ordered, would be made and imported from England UK.

Locally trained sales team who would be directly supervised by the investor will staff the Florida showroom. In addition, the investor plans to hire two kitchen installers and a trainee. Overflow work will be sub-contracted out.

From the investor’s personal research and visits to the Florida area there appears to be a significant niche market for up-scale quality English Country kitchens.


Organizational Chart


Jeff Smith – Investor



Sales Team (8)



Installation Crew (2)



Office Assistant (1)


Set Up Costs Summary

(Key: Y=Yes. N=No. P=Partial or For The Most Part)





CorrespondingCashed Bank/Credit

Proof. Yes/No


1 Cabinets Ordered Through JC Kitchens Ltd. Y Y 27,807.79
2 Professional Services Ordered Through JCK Y Y 8,100.00
3 PWS Kitchen Accessories Y P 6,069.00
4 H’A’FELE Kitchen Y Y 4,940.64
5 The Laminate Store Y Y 1,436.73
6 Home Depot and Lowe’s Y Y 2,384.92
7 Crossroads ACE Hardware Y Y 208.00
8 TransAtlantic Line UK Ltd Y Y 4,723.20
9 Customs Exam Charge Y Y 150.00
10 Computers Y Y 5,356.06
11 Website Design and Support Estimate Y 1,049.44
12 Company Truck Deposit Invoice N 6,000.00
13 Company Truck Insurance Y N 1,361.00
14 Showroom Lease Payment Y Y 7,289.40
15 Accounting Services N P 446.00




Annual Running Costs

  Item ReceiptAvailable


CorrespondingCashed Bank/Credit

Proof. Yes/No

16 Telephone, Lighting And Heating Y P 1,249.00
17 Working Capital Y Y 37,700.00
18 Truck Payments Agreement N
19 Showroom Insurance Y Y 3,045.16
Total 119,316.34


Sales Forecasts Over Five Year Period



P&L =Profit and Loss

Typical P&L On Each Kitchen Sale

Gross Kitchen Sale $15,000.00
Trade Kitchen Cost 5,500.00
Import Cost 500.00
Incidentals 1,500.00
Sales Commission @10% of Trade Cost 800.00
Installation @ 15% of Trade Costs 1,200.00
Gross Profit Per Kitchen Sale 5,000.00
2006 (Year 1) Estimated: 47 Kitchen Sold

Gross Kitchen Sale $705,000.00
Trade Kitchen Cost 258,500.00
Import Cost 23,500.00
Incidentals 70,500.00
Sales Commission @10% of Trade Cost 37,600.00
Installation @ 15% of Trade Costs 56,400.00
Gross Profit 235,000.00


2009 (Year 3) Estimated:  96 Kitchen Sold

Gross Kitchen Sale $1,440,000.00
Trade Kitchen Cost 528,000.00
Import Cost 48,000.00
Incidentals 144,000.00
Sales Commission @10% of Trade Cost 76,800.00
Installation @ 15% of Trade Costs 115,200.00
Gross Profit 485,000.00

2011 (Year 5)

Estimated:  96 Kitchen Sold

Gross Kitchen Sale $1,440,000.00
Trade Kitchen Cost 528,000.00
Import Cost 48,000.00
Incidentals 144,000.00
Sales Commission @10% of Trade Cost 76,800.00
Installation @ 15% of Trade Costs 115,200.00
Gross Profit 485,000.00
1.4. Objectives

  • To provide an outstanding up-scale English Country kitchen alternative to US clientele.
  • To provide outstanding excellent customer satisfaction to customers in the community served.
  • To develop a consistent high standards to grow business.
  • To provide quality employment opportunities for US citizens.
  • To train US employees and sub-contractors in skills required fitting these kitchens.
1.5. Mission

  • To become a leading supplier of English Country Style kitchens.
  • To network with local high-end kitchen hardware / appliances sales and providers.
  • To be featured as leaders in high-end kitchens in local magazines
  • To build a reputation for integrity and commitment to clients.

1.6. Keys to Success

  • For investor to obtain an E2 visa.
  • Being able to implement an aggressive marking campaign as quickly as possible.
  • Take part in local trade shows.
  • Being able to integrate marking effort with kitchen appliance suppliers and retailers.
2.0. Company Summary

Company Ownership

The English Country Kitchen Design Gallery (EKDG) was incorporated June 8th, 2005 with Jeff Smith the sole member. Since the EKDG was incorporated Jeff Smith has been implementing the business plan and is now looking to open his doors to the public imminently.

Mr. Jeff Smith Sole Member 100%

Start-Up Summary

US Objectives

  • Retain services of accountant and attorney for company formation, tax liabilities and other legal aspects
  • Outfit showroom
  • Speak to suppliers of products: appliances, work surfaces etc. with regard to deliveries, discounts and product info for point of sale use. Suppliers to be ready to fit out showroom
  • Speak to local commerce representatives for advice on license procedure etc, info on local trade shows, advertising etc.
  • Locate local employment agencies and advertise for workforce
  • Contact local publications re advertising.

UK Objectives.

  • Suppliers of cabinets ready to supply showroom materials
  • Shipping company in place, shipping and customs declarations
  • Bank account in $/£
  • Web site ready for US market


  • Kitchen Design
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Kitchen Decorating
  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Electrical Services

Market Analysis Summary

Over the last eight years the investor has visited Florida and discussed his vision with local kitchen suppliers, installation companies and consumers to build up a comprehensive of the market place.

One aspect that has emerged from this research is that there is a clear gap in the market for English Country style kitchen and there appears to be a healthy potential demand if he could establish a business to meet it.

The investor is very confident that his product offers superior craftsmanship and durability than the competition.


Market Segmentation

  • Private Customers 90%
  • Sub-contractors selecting our kitchens 10%

Target Market Segment Strategy

Private Customers: The focal point of the business will be the up-scale showroom where clients will be invited to visit to experience the superb quality kitchens on offer. Special evenings will be held for invited guests where foods will be cooked and practical demonstrations can be given.

By working closely with local appliance suppliers the investors and the supplies will be able to truly demonstrate the overall selling qualities of their products.

Sub-contractors: Subcontractors will be invited to a grand opening at the showroom and special evening events so that the investor and his suppliers can present the benefits of their products in ways that will promote sales to contractors. For example, presentations on how the kitchens are installed etc.


Competition and Buying Patterns

Typically, potential clients visit a number of home improvement centers in order to get quotes for a suitable kitchen before committing to any purchases.  However, when dealing with more upscale clients quality, style and prestige are more determinant factors than price thus, the investor hopes to win sales more efficiently this way. Also, once these kitchens have been successfully installed into private homes, these kitchens will then draw in referral business to the showroom.


Strategy and Implementation Summary

Once the E2 visa is approved the investor will seek to implement the strategy as follows: –

5.1. Marketing Strategy

  • Advertise in several trade and general magazines
  • Advertise online to draw traffic to website
  • Organize grand opening
  • Organize special demonstration evenings
  • Network with local sub-contractors
  • Solicit orders from advertising and marketing campaigns
5.2. Sales Strategy

  • Potential clients will typically respond to an advertisement by calling the office.
  • Sales staff will then visit the client in their home to discuss needs and show them brochures etc,
  • Potential client will then be invited to the showroom, where they will be shown the full range, features and quality of products that are on offer. Sales staff will offer a 3 dimensional computer generated design and quotation for the work.
  • At all stages sales staff mission is to offer a personal professional service to all clients.
5.3. Sales Forecast Summary See Spreadsheet Attached:

1st Year Set Up costs and Sales Projections


Competitive Edge in the Market Place: –

  • English Country kitchens have very little competition in the up-scale market segment.
  • English Country kitchens are of very high quality and are very distinctive.
  • The investor’s company is aiming to develop an excellent reputation in the community for excellence.

Management Summary

The investor has the following skills that would make him an excellent candidate for this opportunity: –

  • 17 Years experience in this filed
  • Long track record of success in this field
  • Well established relationships with suppliers
  • 8 Years visiting Florida and checking out the business opportunity
6.1. Management  / Executive Time Analysis

Activity % Time
Recruiting, Training and Supervising Sales Team 50%
Recruiting, Training and Supervising Installation Team 20%
Recruiting, Training and working with admin assistant 10%
Networking and building corporate relations 20%
Total 100%
6.2. Personnel Plan

Sales Team: Report to investor on a daily basis in matters relating to sales completed, sales under development, training requirements and price negotiations.

Installation Crew: Report to Sales Staff who made order to coordinate installations. Also, report to investor as to progress reporting. Investor will supervise installation periodically and make a final inspection to ensure top quality installation.

Office Assistant: Manages paper trail from receiving the order to organizing the shipping of the kitchen. Also reports to installation crew, sales team and investor as to the progress of orders being administered.


Salary Forecasts Over Five Year Period

2005 (Year 1)

Employees salary / Commissions 113,000.00
Owners draw (salary) 50,000.00
Total salary 163,000.00
Number of Full-Time Jobs Created 8

2006 (Year 2)

Employees salary / Commissions 228,000.00
Owners draw (salary) 80,000.00
Total salary 302,000.00
Number of Full-Time Jobs Created 8

2010 (Year 5)

Employees salary / Commissions 245,000.00
Owners draw (salary) 86,000.00
Total salary 331,100.00
Number of Full-Time Jobs Created 8