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There are many families that settled in the US many years ago, working their way up to getting a green card but never went on to become US Citizens.  Becoming a US Citizen is actually quite important for a variety of reasons, nevertheless many people put this off not thinking of the the risks they are taking.  A Green card can be lost if an alien commits a serious crime, not only that the alien can then be deported. It’s been my experience from would be clients coming to me that out of a very innocent situation disaster can strike causing ruin to a family.  Let me give you a recent real situation that came my way.

Bill had been living in the US for ten years, had an American wife Samantha and two kids, both American citizens. One day after a celebration dinner Bill was driving home and was involved in a serious road accident. Because Bill was over the limit and caused serious injury to an innocent party Bill was convicted and sentence to time in prison, upon his release he was placed in deportation proceedings. Now if Bill is uncessful in getting the deportation ordered removed then his life as he knew it in the US would come to an abrupt end. Bill’s American wife and children would not have ot move back to his home country and they’d literally have to re-build their life from the ground up. Had Bill been a US citizen then, he would have done his time but his life in the US would be 100% protected.

Ok, let’s say that you’re not a drinker, let’s take the story of Mark as another example: Mark had been living in the US for more than 20 years, he was brought here by his parents when he was just 12 years old. In fact, he can barely remember any life he had in his home country. One day Mark was late for a very important meeting and was rushing to beat the traffic lights, but just caought the red light. As Mark turned the corner he hit a mother pushing her baby chair accorss the street and killed the baby girl. Because Mark ran the red light by just a fraction of a second unfortunately it was the wrong side of the light and he was duly convicted for manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison. Again, as soon as his sentence was served he was placed into removal proceedings and deported.

I could go on, with story after story was aliens were just living their life, made a serious out of character error of judgement that completely ended their life in the US.  In any, country road accidents happen, its the risk we all take everytime we get into a car.  how many of us have driven too fast, or made a driving error or ran a red light by a fraction of a second.  Some of us may even have been involved in a road accident where injuries have taken place.  When you’re here in the US on a green card there are all kind of situations that can happen that could land you on the wrong side of the law whereas otherwise, we’d never ever dream of committing any kind of offense, here you are.

My advice is quite simple. If you have held your green card for more than five years that is to say, that since you have had your green card you’ve spent at least five years physically in the US (3 years if your green card was acquired by marriage to a US citizen) then you should really think about going for your US Citizenship.  In doing so you’re are 100% proecting your family from a devasting siutation called deportation.

I’m probably right in saying that very few of our readers have never had their home burn down, but would we think of not insuring our home. We wold not reasonable say that, ‘what are the odds of it happening to me’, ‘I’m very careful at home’. We just know that we need to insure out homes because it’s the right thing to do.  Applying for US Citzenship when you’re eligible is just like thta.  It’s the right thing to do.

Many people think that if they apply for US citizenship it would mean they’d have to give up their own citizenship, the truth is for nearly every country in the world dual citizenship is possible. There are a few countries out there where this is the case, but if you’re reading this email then you’re probably not from one of those countries.

If this article has stirred you in any way please get in touch and let us take care of this issue for you. You’ll be glad you did. Contact me today and let’s get it taken care of.



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