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US Politics – The Health Care Debate

CIR-Healthcare Debate

Will The Health Care Debate Break CIR?

In the UK, as I remember it, having not lived their since 1999, we have the National Health Service (NHS), this is a completely free health care service, free at the point of use, paid for through the tax system. It means that no one ever has to write a check to a doctor or hospital for anything and the NHS covers about 99% of the population. In America, the system is almost completely private and very expensive. Having lived under both systems I can definitely see the benefits and disadvantages of each system.

 Under the US private system when my daughter needed surgery for her foot, she could chose which doctor she wanted to use, where she wanted to be treated and there was virtually no wait. The doctor was free to choose the type of surgery(s) was in my daughter’s best interest without any concern as to how much the treatment would ultimately cost. When my other daughter had some issues she was treated right away. Private healthcare is fast. 

 Many doctors are afraid of being sued so they practice what is often referred to as defensive medicine, basically what this means is that they carry out additional and speculative tests to make sure they don’t miss anything even if it’s remote that the tests will reveal anything. Whilst these tests reveal absolutely nothing in the vast majority of cases, I would say that in a few cases these “needless” tests can and do reveal conditions that could be treated early and ultimately save lives.

 The downside with private healthcare is the high and rising cost of it, to the extent that one third of Americans do not or cannot afford to buy private health care and as a result have to depend on the state health care system which is quite tiny and backlogged.

For retirees in America they can opt into a National Health Care service especially designed for them. Most retirees therefore, are relatively happy with their health care treatment and their out-of-pocket expenses are quite small compared to when they were in the private system.

When President Obama came into power he promised to reform three key areas of the American way of life; the banking system, since banks were teetering on the verge of collapse; healthcare, because it was socially acceptable that too many people could not afford to buy insurance, and finally US Immigration laws, primarily to help those people who had lived in the US illegally for many years.

Now that President Obama has been in power for nearly nine months the banking system and the economy appear to be turning the corner. With regards to healthcare the debate has reached the point where the president announced that both parties have broad agreement on eighty percent as to what would be required to reform the system. The president has been going around the country making the case and saying that we should have legislation signed by the end of this year.  The debate has been bruising and has cost him a lot of popularity in the opinion polls, but the president is resolved to get things done.

Healthcare For All

Healthcare For All

As far as I can tell, at the end of the day the president is looking to achieve a less expensive and inclusive private healthcare system, with an alternative option for an NHS style system if certain people want it. It’s that last part that’s causing the most political opposition in some quarters.

While the healthcare debate has been hogging the headlines, legislators have been drafting the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIR) that’s scheduled to be released in October 2009. The big question is will the president initiate CIR while the healthcare debate rages? Or will he stall until things cool down politically first, since CIR will be as hotly debated as healthcare? Does he have sufficient political capital remaining to pull off this hat-trick within his first year in office?


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