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By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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Celebrate Good Times!

O-1B Visa - Marc Musician

O-1B Visa – Marc Musician – UK

Every once in a while, you have to blow your own horn and this just may be one of those times. Truth is, over the last six months we have been working extremely hard to continue our streak of winning cases, especially O-1 Visas and EB1 Green Card cases. Indeed, we have been putting many of our clients through our enhanced evidentiary standards and it’s been tough on them. However, the amount of wins we have been experiencing recently has really been a cause for celebration. I want to share with you some of the secrets of our success, so you can appreciate why we really are the champions, the leading EB1 lawyers for O-1Visa and EB1 green card cases, for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability.

The Art of Presentation

EB1 – Eliot – Hip-Hop Musician, UK

We handle an array of EB1 cases all in a days work. From Geologists to DJs and from programmers to dancers, we bring these cases to life in such a way that each case looks amazing to the USCIS officer who will ultimately be adjudicating the case.

The art of our presentation is to make sure that only the very best and most precise evidence is included in each case, to accurately address the particular elements of the case. In other words, we have to make sure the case is as ‘lean and mean’ (potent, probative, dispositive and unequivocal) as possible. We have to present each case so that it makes it as near to impossible for the officer to say ‘no.’

Motivating Clients of Extraordinary Ability

Dawn – International Fashion Stylist – UK

Imagine, that you have a fitness instructor whose job it is to get you ready for a Marathon. How would you feel if, while you were working out, your instructor just read the paper, only to look up from time to time to say “good job”? How motivational would that be? If you’re going to have any chance whatsoever of completing your Marathon, you want an instructor who is going to put you through hell to motivate you, to drive you to bring you’re A-Game. If your instructor does not do their job, then you will fail. You might not like your instructor, but you’ll love the results you’re able to get with them.

EB1 - Iliya, Software App Developer

EB1 – Iliya, App Developer – Bulgaria

As EB1 Green Card clients, you’re not hiring us to do something easy peasy. You’re asking us to do something incredibly difficult; you’re asking us to present you to USCIS in such a way that the US Immigration officer is persuaded to grant you a green card that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

We know what it takes to win these cases. We work these cases every day. So, be prepared to be challenged.  Bring us you’re A-game.

Some evidence you will bring will be a good start, but we’ll want more and more so we can choose and use only the best. If we’re not driving you just a little crazy with our endless requests for more evidence, then we’re not doing our job.

The Knock-Out Punch

EB1 - Martin, Data Security Expert

EB1 – Martin, Data Security Expert – UK

World Champion boxers like Mike Tyson could not knock-out every opponent in one punch. Similarly, winning EB1 cases in one punch every time, should not be expected. As good as we are, we cannot always do that. Instead, it’s a tactical game and so you must be prepared for that. Sometimes, in order to win an EB1 green card case, you simply have to go a few rounds with USCIS until you ultimately win. USCIS do not just hand out green cards like candy. USCIS will put up a fight, every time.

EB1 – Sandhya, Cultural Dancer – India

We’ll work with clients to build the strongest case possible and then submit it for USCIS to have a swing at it.  If the USCIS officer is fair, they will approve the case right there and then.  At which point, we’ll go totally crazy with excitement. After we’ve told our client, we go back to work and get on with the next case.

Other times, we’ll put the case together, but the officer may decide that they need further information. This is referred to as a Request for Further Evidence (RFE).

EB1 Green Card - Chris, Hot Rods - New Zealand

EB1  – Chris, Hot Rods – New Zealand

When you get an RFE, the first thing we do is take a deep breath, then calmly study the RFE to precisely determine what the officer’s issues are.

Maybe, the officer felt that he needed more specific evidence as to how the alien played a critical role in the company. Maybe, the officer wants more evidence about how distinguished the company is. Sometimes, the officer might be having trouble understanding the basics. We may even get a question like, ‘Why is a Solutions Architect a critical role in the company?’

Another question might be, and I’m being totally serious, ‘What is a peer-reviewer? At which point, after we finished screaming with frustration into our hands to not startle guests at our office, we have to calmly consider how we can respond to help this officer appreciate our client’s talent.

Winning is What We Do!!!

EB1 - Saurabh, Software Architect

EB1 – Sai, Software Architect – India

We take our work extremely seriously. With many immigrant staff members including myself, we get what it means to be granted a visa or earn green card status. Qualifying for a green card was like no feeling I’ve ever had. It’s like being given an opportunity of a life time to pursue your dreams in a country that you have fallen in love with. I get it, I’ve experienced it, and I’m still enjoying it. So, we will stop at nothing to make sure we win every single case we can.

EB1 Green Card Success - Liron, Blogger - South Africa

EB1 – Liron, Blogger – South Africa

Think of it this way: for medical surgeons, is it ever acceptable for them to lose a patient on the table? The answer is of course, ‘never’. That’s why if the patient does not make it, they have to be able to say ‘we did everything we could’. The same is true for us. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we can win every single case, we have to do everything we can to win.

We cannot guarantee a win, because at the end of the day, the final decision rests with USCIS and not us. However, the legal system being what it is, many winnable opportunities are created. If we’re persistent and refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer, there are many legal remedies we can and will utilize to ultimately win the case.

For example, we can simply, re-file the case, if we feel the officer is not up to the job. We can file and Motion to Re-open and Re-consider, or we can file an Appeal if we feel that the matter rests on a question of law as opposed to a subjective opinion. Finally, we can even litigate the matter through the courts. If you want something bad enough – you fight until you win and winning is what we do!!!

We Are the Champions

EB1 - Ivan - Fashion Designer

EB1 – Ivan – Fashion Designer – Spain

We are the champions because winning matters. It’s not just a job for us; it’s a vocation. For us, it’s about changing lives and creating opportunities. For us, it’s about making America great. America needs as many aliens of extraordinary ability as it can possibly get and even then, America will need more.

We are the Champions because every day we study all of the USCIS adjudication trends and then work hard to make sure we’re current on them and ahead of the game.

Often times, we get sent failed cases from other lawyers. Sometimes, when we see how they were put together, it’s not surprising the case was not successful. I’m not criticizing those lawyers, and I’m sure they did their best. What I’m saying is, that our cases are simply on another level. Yes, this might seem boastful, it sure is. However, we really work our cotton socks off to be the very best at what we do. Every once in a while, it’s just time to celebrate aloud with our clients, as featured in this article.

EB1 - Niel - Software - South Africa

EB1 – Niel – Software Developer, S. Africa

The bulk of our clients are aliens of extraordinary ability, so doesn’t it makes sense they partner and entrust their future immigration status to lawyers of extraordinary ability?

So, if you’re serious about making America your home, talk to us and we’ll give it to you straight. If we feel you have the makings of a good case, we’ll tell you. If you hire us, we’ll do our very best to make sure we deliver a win, but be prepared to work as hard as we will to make this happen. Call Today!!

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By Chris M. Ingram., LL.M., ESQ

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