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American Dream – Finding Employment

Finding Employment

Generally speaking finding employment can be perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of relocating. The Department of Labor (DOL) has an interest in protecting the US labor force from employers sourcing their labor overseas and bringing them into the US. As a result large companies will set up overseas branches in places like Asia and India to take advantage of the cheap labor instead. In addition, the DOL has set up a process called Labor Certification to ensure that for many classes of jobs offers of employment cannot be taken up by aliens without DOL approval first.

For ordinary folk looking to enter the US to find work such restrictions on employment can present a major barrier. US employers are very much aware of these restrictions so rather than being bothered to navigate their way through it they instead decide not hire anyone who is not a green card holder or US citizen.

It is true that these restrictions might at first seem very daunting and almost insurmountable. Nevertheless this is the reality of the situation, so be prepared.

Having a Bachelors Degree or Professional Qualification: Being well educated can be a real advantage when looking for employment in the US. Firstly, when you have a BA or equivalent there is an immigration visa called an H-1B that will enable a US employer to hire you without first having to go through Labor Certification. Once being offered the position you can immediately go on to making a formal visa application. There is a lot of immigration and administrative work to be done, but at least a major hurdle would have been overcome.

If you would like to learn more about H-1B visas see the Immigration Overview Chapter.

Not Having a Bachelors Degree of Professional Qualification: If you do not have BA but have some college education and have substantial experience in a skilled or management field then you may still qualify for an H-1B visa. Whether you have a degree or not, going through a process called a ‘credential evaluation’ would be a good idea. There are various professional bodies like the ‘National Association of Credential Evaluation Services’ (NACES) and ‘Association of International Educators’ (NAFSA) that will be able to check all of your qualifications and work experience to see whether they would be deemed equivalent to that of a BA and by extension a H-1B. Not all credential evaluators are qualified to evaluate experience so make sure they can do both if this is required.

If you are quite close to having a BA or equivalent then it would be certainly well worth your while trying to get sufficient college credits or management experience to make this grade. This is because for clients and aliens wishing to enter the US to find work at the non-skilled and semi-skilled level there are view visa opportunities unless the particular skill is in short supply. For example, many states and counties are experiencing a labor shortage of qualified mechanics, electricians, plumbers and the like. Employers who are having difficulty finding suitable local talent can apply overseas but they will still have to go through Labor Certification. If successful then the alien can apply for a H-2B visa for periods of up to one year.

The Importance of Networking: Unless you are exceptionally fortunate, if you don’t know anyone in the county where you wish to live and work in the US it will be difficult to find work. Yes, there are many employment agencies, newspaper job adds and online opportunities in the area where you will want to work. Employers do bear in mind the above outlined restrictions and may be reluctant to consider hiring you without a very good reason. The only way to make a really good impression is by networking and the only way you can do that is by setting some time aside to visit the US for an extended period to start building up these contacts.

You may well have to be prepared to join local clubs and associations just to be able to make friends. British Expatriate Pubs and Clubs is an excellent way to make friends. Remember, you’ve got to stand out over and above the competition for your job, but also sufficiently well for an employer to be prepared to jump through hoops to hire you when they could hire the next guy without any hassle at all.

Many prospective employers might are also put off hiring an alien because of the legal costs that would be incurred in making the visa application. The issue can be neutralized where the alien makes it plain that they would meet any legal costs that the employer incurred.

Breakthrough USA is very experienced in working with prospective employers in putting all the legal paperwork together necessary to hire you. As soon as you find yourself in this favorable position please make contact with us for advice and assistance.

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