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Detroit Immigration Official Indicted

In Detroit a USCIS immigration official was indicted for accepting bribes from illegal immigrants to help keep them from deportation. 

Roy Bailey (suspended acting field director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is said to have accepted bribes from a Detroit immigration attorney and from two restaurant owners who allegedly conspired with Bailey to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from restaurant workers, sex offenders, tax evaders and a murderer who had killed a student from Wayne State University.

Bailey allegedly accepted free meals, casino chips, cash, jewelry, free landscaping and labor from a construction worker that did repairs on Bailey’s home in order to avoid deportation.  In addition to allegedly helping them avoid deportation it is said that he has arranged fraudulent release of immigrants that were already in the deportation process.

Bailey’s lawyer claims that his client is innocent of all charges, but if 54 year old Ron Bailey is convicted he could face up to 68 years in prison.  

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