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Many of our clients will often ask for our opinion about where they should settle when moving to the USA and when they do not have family situated in a particular state in America. Of course, we cannot direct our clients to any university to attend for their F1 Student Visa, or help our O1 candidates find the best agents to use in order to be sponsored for a visa, or indeed the single person looking for love, who to marry in order to obtain their Green card through marriage visa. What we can do is throughout the course of 50 blog periods (not necessarily running back to back) give each and every one of you a little taste of every state here in the USA. We will provide some resourceful links and at the end, invite you to a Free Consultation with one of our Immigration consultants. So let’s start with the state of Pennsylvania.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, often colloquially referred to as PA by natives and north easterners, is a state located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The state borders Delaware and Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, New York and Canada to the north, and New Jersey to the east. Pennsylvania has 51 miles (82 km of coastline along Lake Erie and 57 miles (92 km) of shoreline along the Delaware Estuary. Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city and is home to a major seaport and shipyard on the Delaware River.

A lot of our clients want to know what the climate will be like in a particular state because if they originate from Britain, the weather is of great interest to them! Usually, they want somewhere with far less dark clouds, dampness, cold and rain, in exchange for blue skies, and sun! Pennsylvania’s diverse geography produces a variety of climates. Straddling two major zones, the southeastern corner of the state has the warmest climate. Greater Philadelphia lies at the southern most tip of the humid continental climate zone, with some characteristics of the humid subtropical climate that lies in Delaware and Maryland to the south. Moving toward the mountainous interior of the state, the climate becomes markedly colder, the number of cloudy days increases, and winter snowfall is greater. Western areas of the state, particularly cities near Lake Erie, can receive over 100 inches (250 cm) of snowfall annually, and the entire state receives plentiful rainfall throughout the year.

Pennsylvania’s main source of income is agriculture. Dairy products, poultry, cattle, nursery stock, mushrooms, hogs and hay, all play a major role in providing a booming industry. Other major industry includes food processing, chemical products, machinery, electric equipment and tourism. See for more details.

The largest light festival of its kind in the United States, the Pittsburgh 250 Festival of Lights , is a ‘mecca’ type event strategically timed to coincide with the height of visual and performance arts schedules, to get local residents and tourists alike to experience the region’s tremendous array of arts, events and activities that drive economic development, increase travel and tourism and change the way Pittsburghers and tourists see the city. If you want to know more about your options in moving to the US, we invite you to a free consultation with one of our Immigration law consultants. We can help!


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