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Newsletter – June 09

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This month has been very exciting for us on a number of fronts so I’d like to take a moment to share the latest news with our readers. Firstly, we’re seeing a lot more families go ahead with their E2 investment visa plans. It seems with the pound sterling gaining strength against the U.S. dollar more of our readers are stepping up and becoming E2 business investor clients.

Fiancee and marriage visas have been and always will be a staple part of this immigration law practice. It has been great to see new clients come on board so we can work their cases. I would like to share that, unfortunately, we are experiencing an increase in the number of enquiries from people who have tried to do this themselves and failed. Once this happens it is something that many immigration law firms won’t touch once an application has been denied. We know that trying to prove that  an application is valid is nigh impossible. Sometimes folks tackle immigration themselves in the attempt to save money (and who can blame them in this economic climate?) However, the truth of the matter is, unless you know immigration law, even the seemingly easy visa  can become an amazing challenge.

The question you want to ask yourself  is, ‘Is it worth looking after the pennies when your future is at stake?’  For me, it’s particularly heartbreaking as I have to be honest with them and tell them I’m unable to fix what they’ve done wrong. A word to the wise, with any immigration matter always place the responsibility of your case in the hands of a licensed immigration attorney. We have years of experience and we’ve handled all sorts of curve balls US Immigration can throw at us and handled them successfully.

If you have a BA degree and have a job offer in the US there are still H-1B graduate visas available. It’s certainly worth coming to the US under the Visa Waiver Program for a holiday and in the meantime have a good look around for that perfect opportunity.  In years past, the H-1B visa would be issued April 1st and all 65,000 would be gone within days. Not so this year. Also, if you’re interested in working with a Non-Profit Organization as a BA Graduate, please remember that these visas are available all year round.

This month I’ve posted my own immigration journey as probably many of our newer readers may not know how I relocated to the US and ended up running my own successful immigration law practice.

We like to publish success stories about our clients from time to time. The main purpose of these stories is to inspire and educate our readers about the various US visa options through the eyes of a client. We cannot produce these stories without your support, so if you’re one of our valued clients whom we have helped to realize your American Dream and would like to have us publish your story please drop us an email!

Right now we’re developing an updated version of our current website with a slightly new layout so we can showcase our clients living the American Dream.  Imagine having a website where our new readers could be inspired, and existing clients get the chance to read about the successes of other clients. Maybe this will evolve into a more vibrant community online. Next we’ll be introducing a ‘Hot Tips’ column where clients can ask us to post any solutions they’ve found when adjusting to life in the US.

We’re also keeping an eye on how the up-coming ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill’ takes shape. The latest is that we should have the first draft by October and possibly a Bill passed early next year. We’ll give you all the analysis and opportunities as they unfold.

Enjoy the newsletter and I look forward to talking to you personally very soon.

Chris M. Ingram, ESQ


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