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Opportunity Knocks!

With all the doom and gloom on the news about the US economy, we here at the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram are very excited for our clients coming to the US. Its as if “Happy Days Are Here Again”.  Why all the optimism? At the moment the pound Sterling is very strong against the dollar from an historical point. It was not many years ago when the pound to dollar ratio was one pound to one dollar thirty five cents. That happens to be when I sold my house and moved to the US. Over recent years the pound has hovered at an almost two to one ration, although in recent weeks the dollar has strengthened. The key point being raised here is that the British pound can buy an awful lot in the US.    With house prices so slow and still looking for the bottom, there are property bargains everywhere.  We have clients in the Carolina’s picking up houses for forty thousand dollars and in other areas buying wonderful sprawling dream homes for only two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. With good deposits some clients are literally buying up US properties in bulk. There are also many businesses for sale at great value.   Many people are using the E2 investment visa as a vehicle to relocate to the United States. U.S Immigration provides that as long as the investor takes over or starts any business that is capable of creating jobs for at least 2 full time American Citizens within the alloted time period they will grant a visa to enable the family to relocate indefinitely. If that were not enough incentive the spouse not running the business will be able to apply for a  right a work permit which will enable them to get a job practically anywhere which will generate a second income. Opportunity really is knocking and we have all the connections to make it happen for you.   You think that the economy is really bad, but don’t let the headlines fool you. As many people know economies run in cycles of up and downs. A booming economy is not that great as it shuts out many people from getting on the property ladder and many other ladders for that matter. Getting into the market where the economy is low is a great time. No one really knows when an economy actually hits the bottom, so you have to get in when you can and ride it down perhaps a little further to make sure you’re in the market when the up turn takes off.    You may be asking yourself, “why buy a business when the economy is slow?” The answer is, if your careful in your selection you’ll find a business that is very well established (IE; has at least a five year history)  so you can be sure that the business has weathered tough economic conditions before. Avoid any kind of newly establish business and indeed where possible starting your own business. The longer a business has been going and trading well the more likely you will be able to make a wise and sound investment.  Again, we can help you and connect you to the right people.   As Brits, we know and study the market from both sides of the Atlantic. We are helping many people navigate their way through these challenging times in order to Emigrate to the U.S and we’d certainly welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Please complete our consultation questionnaire and we’ll get you set up with a free consultation as soon as possible.