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President Bush American Address

President Bush addressed the national for 12 minutes urging Congress to pass emergency legislation to in effect bail out Wall Street. The Bush bail out had run into difficulties because at first the plan only saved Wall Street while 7,000 foreclosures per day continue to depress and further exacerbate the housing slump. various factions of both parties are calling for additional measures to save home owners from foreclosure whilst other factions are saying that absolutely no action should be taken to save Wall Street or Main Street because this is a free market economy and bailing the financial institutions out will only encourage them to expect the same again in the future.

From an Immigration stand point the slump in the US economy presents spectacular investment opportunities for immigrants wishing to relocate to the US. If Japanese, Chinese and Middle Eastern financial institutions are cashing in why not individual aliens who may have their own cash to invest.  US Immigration has for a long time encouraged foreign investment with the E2 and EB5 investment visas.

For many of our clients the currency exchange rate will only get better as the US dollar weakens. Foreign investors will generate employment and buy up cheap housing stock and thereby boost the economy.

We have business and property brokers standing by to help our clients take full advantage of this opportunity. For more information please complete the consultation questionnaire and let’s get the ball rolling.


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