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Survey Says – Terry Edwards

Like many of you reading this, when I first thought about relocating to America I spent many hours searching information on the Internet only to discover why it’s called “The Internet”. It was a mind boggling web of information, some good and some quite questionable. There were certain ‘fear factors’ attached to hiring an Immigration attorney; would I be happy dealing with an attorney who I may never meet? Who out there is providing honest information verses those who want to make a quick buck? Have they worked with cases and situations similar to that of mine? How do I trust someone I may never meet?

Now there are web-sites out there who will reel you in, present you with information that they know will go straight over your head, and tell you “There is a way and we would love to show you how”, but will charge you for the answer. I fell for that trick once, only to be told the only way I could emigrate was to invest $500,000 and upwards for them to consider my application.  After that, I made it my goal to find an attorney who would discuss any options open to me before I parted with any more money.

It took a while but I finally came across the Immigration Law Offices of Chris Ingram and his team. What made these guys different was not only had some of their team gone through immigration first hand but appeared to want to listen to my situation, go through options before settling on a course of action – and guess what – all this came at no cost to me. The one concern I had was that they were based in California and I wanted to move to New York but they put my mind at rest by contacting me when they said they would, returned every one of my calls and better still, called me quite regularly to get more information from me. It made me feel like they really cared. Chris once told me that his mission in life was to get as many Brit’s over as he could using his immigration knowledge; this was his passion.

Therefore I am happy to submit my survey in the hope this helps another fellow Brit make the right decision when it comes to handing their future over to an Immigration Law practice that really does care – not only about their clients but also about the end result!

Terry Edward’s Interview:

Q -How did you hear about our company?
A – Search engine Google.

Q – When you made your initial enquiry, did we respond in a timely and friendly manner?
A – I was actually surprised I received a phone call as you were in USA and I was in England I was expecting a nice cheap email in response, but instead received a phone call the next day which I felt was a nice personal touch.

From the phone conversations I had I have found the service quality of your office very good.

Q – Had you made enquiries through other Immigration attorneys’ offices prior to ours?
A – Yes and filled in a couple of assessments only to be given the great news I qualified but now i needed a more in depth assessment which would cost anywhere from 150 to 300 pounds. No such con with Chris Ingram – all assessments and consultations over the phone with Chris and his team of Immigration experts cost me the princely sum of nothing, this spoke volumes as I felt I was dealing with a company who were interested in helping me with my immigration status and not separating me from my money.

Q – If we provided you with information, was that information clear and concise?
A – The information your team e-mailed to me was brilliant especially “The American Dream” which basically explained everything in easy-to-understand, everyday terms, and once again your team were ready to answer all of my questions and calling me back after reading the literature to answer even more questions.

Q – If you had any questions after your consultation, were they addressed in a timely manner?
A – Yes.

Q – How were you treated by the staff?
A – The entire team was very friendly, very helpful, and the information I received was very informative.

Q – If someone asked you to recommend an Immigration Law firm would you have any reservations about recommending our law firm?
A – As it is early days for me the dealings I have had so far with your office I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Q – If you have not retained our services to date, is there any reason why you would not use the Immigration Law Offices of Chris Ingram?
A – No.

I would just like to once again thank Chris and his entire team for all their help and guidance so far.

Terry Edwards, UK

By Aileen Simblet
Staff Writer for Law Office of Chris M. Ingram

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