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“Well Your Flights are Booked – But What About Your Pets?”

Moving Pets From the UK – From Allan Van As

We recently packed up our life in the UK to embark on our new adventure in Florida (near Miami). It was important for us to bring our children (all our children) including Mojo and Furby, our two adorable Siamese cats.  Airlines understand how cats and dogs can be effected by a long flight (much like some humans I know) so the crates were a good size and comfortable. Once we placed Mojo and Furby’s favourite toys and blankets in with them, our furry little critters were off on their adventure.  They were flying with British Airways cargo and, like us, had to be there four hours before the flight departed. BEWARE – you are entering a secure airport terminal to deliver animals and thank God we had photo ID, otherwise they would not have let us in. The courier service provided our pets with ample food and water throughout the flight (I wonder if they met anyone famous down there in cargo?). The two of them arrived in ‘purrfect’ health and are now enjoying the frogs and lizards (which replaced their favourite toys) here in Florida. We are delighted we chose to bring our little kitty cats and we were very happy with the service we received. Bringing our pets to Florida was an excellent decision.

Florida – A great place for man and animals

Pet insurance

Just like you and your children, your pets require medical insurance. Remember out here we don’t have foxes or badgers spreading diseases, we have mountain lions, snakes, coyotes, alligators, crocs and skunks – each critter carrying a multitude of virus’s and diseases that our furry friends are not used to. Not only do they threaten our pets with virus’ but also bite wounds or worse still- midnight attacks. We learnt the hard way, when bringing pets to Florida, you cannot get pet insurance quickly enough – Don’t take a chance.  We moved into a new apartment (beautiful! – and next to a lake filled with Bass fish). On the day of the move, the apartment was sprayed for bugs.  Our cats got really sick for three days, and we took them to emergency care – $500 later, they were home none the worse.  We have now taken out insurance from PETPLAN (similar to the company in the UK).  It was really easy and cost us $162 per cat (because they’re Siamese).  In fact taking out pet insurance was the easiest thing yet  (online application). Don’t take the risk to not get insurance for your pets – you don’t risk it with yourself, do you?

Allan Van As


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