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Winning your case is what we spend our time focused on. When you hire a dedicated legal team you improve your chances of ultimate success exponentially. What is your American Dream worth to you?

Winning your case is what we spend our time focused on. When you hire a dedicated legal team you improve your chances of ultimate success exponentially. What is your American Dream worth to you?

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One of the areas over which I’m perhaps most proud is fact that this website has been written by me; a fellow immigrant from Northampton England, for you recent and intending immigrants. I very much see that we’re in this together and so over the years I’ve spent hours writing newsletters and new content so that you can really understand the various visas that are available to you.  Pretty much every day someone contacts our office thank us for our website and tell us how our website really stood out, informed them of their options and inspired them to call or email in hoping we can get their case started. Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who continue to support us with your encouragement and business. I will continue to devote myself to developing our content so that we can be a god beacon of light to all those looking to relocate legally and safely in the US.

Over the last few months I’ve been looking to partner with the right programming company to help us upgrade further our Client website to enable our clients to not only review their checklist of required documentation and case progression 24/7 which they can do now, but to accelerate the progress of their case by being able to directly upload their documents to their actual checklist. Well I’m delighted to say that we have now partnered with eSolutions to do just that. We’re hoping that over the next two months the programming will be complete and this software which we have specially commissioned will be up and running to help you reach your dream faster. I’ll certainly keep you posted as to developments.

Winning Cases!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winning cases is very much a team effort between attorney and client; both parties have to wholly commit to the process. I cannot do my job without the client providing all the evidence and documents needed to argue their case. The client needs the attorney to make sure that only the right documentation with probative value is included in the application so that the adjudicator is won over into granting the approval. I’m pleased to say that we’re still winning cases even when faced with stiff opposition from USCIS. I’m so delighted for our clients when we get the news from USCIS that another client’s case has been approved. Thank God we get these approvals consistently every week, but it really is hard work and dedication on behalf of the client and the attorney. I know some of our clients will be wondering what hard work our case went through so easily.

US Immigration (USCIS) and the London Embassy:

Sadly many people are still under the misguided belief that US Immigraiton is just a question of completing a few forms and Bob’s your uncle. Many times I wish it was that simple. Today, immigration law is one of the most complicated areas of legal practice and requires (not to blow my own trumpet) a tremendous amount of skill. At the same time, we as immigration lawyers need to work hard to manage our clients expectations so that the clients do not get complacent thinking that even when their case is being expertly handled this in some way guarantees them a perfect outcome. The truth is that USCIS (when cases are processed in the US) and the Embassy (when cases are processed at the Consulate) have their own un-official agendas that are not based in law, but in private policy and often times these policies when implemented can cause an otherwise approvable case to be denied without cause. Sometimes, immigration adjudicators have bad days (putting mildly).

Here are some examples: It is possible to submit two almost identical cases and one case is approved by one adjudicator and the other is denied. Why is this so, when the laws and rules should apply equally to both. Sometimes you can re-submit a denied case (depending on the stated reasons for denial) and when submitted again the case is approved. As an experienced immigration, I spend a lot of time playing “Chess” with Immigration. With each and every case I submit I’m looking for the best way to beat Immigration and win the case for my client. Every time USCIS throws up a obstacle I not only endeavor to fix it for my currently client, but for my next client I now know to anticipate that particular obstacle and prepare that case slightly differently.  This is why not only should you never represent yourself in any immigration matter but this is why hiring an experienced immigration attorney can make all the difference. It does not guarantee success but it does improve your chances of ultimate success exponentially. I’ve written a detailed guide on USCIS adjudication issues to help educate our clients on how we navigate the adjudication process.

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