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Chris M. Ingram, ESQ – Latest Travel Ban Legal Challenges

by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on March 10, 2017

Washington State A.G. holds Press Conference to Explain why Travel Ban 2.0. Remains Unconstituional

Washington State A.G. Bob Ferguson Holds Press Conference to Explain Why Travel Ban 2.0. Remains Unconstitutional

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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Travel Ban Update: Hawaii and Washington State (now joined by New York, Massachusetts and Virginia) have now filed challenges against the Travel Ban. Washington State, whose original challenge was upheld in Federal and Appeal Court, says that although the second ban was watered down considerably, some elements that were struck down by the courts have simply been re-submitted and thus should be struck down again.  Washington State will bring their case back to the same Judge [Robart], who previously granted them their injunction.

Noah G. Purcell - Solicitor General for Washington State

Noah G. Purcell – Solicitor General for Washington State

Hawaii’s challenge will be heard in court the day before the Travel Ban is due to take effect. It is unclear whether Washington State’s challenge, although filed March 9th 2017, will be heard and ruled upon before the March 16th effective date of Travel Ban 2.0. [ECI]

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