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Trump’s Travel Ban 2.0. Is Blocked Again

by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on March 16, 2017

What a Mess. Trump's Travel Ban attempts keep getting thwarted and for many reasons.

What a Mess. Trump’s Travel Ban Attempts Keep Getting Thwarted and for Many Reasons.

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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On March 15th Judge Derrick Watson, Federal District Court of Hawaii issued a temporary restraining order on Trump’s 2nd attempt at a Travel Ban. On March 16th Judge Theodore Chuang of Maryland also blocked the Travel Ban by issuing a temporary injunction. So, Trump’s second Travel Ban never actually had a chance to go live. What now?

Judge Derrick Watson, Federal District Court of Hawaii

Attorney General Doug Chin of Hawaii – Who Filed the Lawsuit, in Honolulu

We are still awaiting more Federal District Courts to weigh in, but the next steps are that these injunctions bide time, so that both parties can present their full cases. If the injunctions are upheld, then the 9th Circuit Court Appeals Court [that previously blocked the Travel Ban] will need to re-hear the case again. If the 9th Circuit Court again decides to uphold blocking the Ban, the next stop will be the Supreme Court. For now, let’s help as many people as we possibly can to get their green cards and visas squared away. [ECI]

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