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    Part 10 – Form DS-160 Guide – Uploading Your Passport Picture

    Welcome to Part 10 in this DS 160 Guide Series

    Ok – You’re doing great, nearly there. In this section we’re going to talk about uploading your passport picture for your case.  If you review these screen shots carefully, they map out precisely how to upload your passport pictures for this form.  However, if for any reason you simply cannot manage this part  don’t panic because the Embassy has agreed to allow applicants to bring their original passport pictures with them to their interview.

    So please review the following screen shots for guidance.

    1 2 3 4

    In the next presentation we’re going to show you how to review all of your information and, give us an opportunity to review this information before you hit the submit button.

    Once you have hit submit the submit button, it may not be possible to subsequently make any further changes.  Therefore, its important that you’re completely happy with all of your entries before submitting your final DS 160.

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