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E2 Visa Guide for US Immigration – Start Up/Buy Your Own Business

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We specialize in E2 visas for US Immigration because they offer a great opportunity to many aliens who have money to invest into the US Economy, let me explain how the E2 visa might work for you.

If there is one area where US Immigration is potentially very welcoming of aliens pouring into the US is when they are bringing money in to the US to invest in purchasing businesses or starting up businesses. Small businesses are the engines of any economy.  It’s one thing to bring money into the US to spend on a home or in tourism, but it’s completely another thing to create a job for an American.  In the latter, the alien is directly creating employment and being held accountable for every job they create and sustain.  The E1 visa is about the alien setting up a business that essentially trades between the US and the alien’s home country.  The more popular E2 visa enables aliens to buy or start their own business and in the process create new jobs, or in the case of buying an existing business with employees already present, sustain those jobs already in place and hopefully create more.

The E2 visa  is in fact one of the most popular visas because unlike many of the other visas you don’t need a US employer or US family member to sponsor you. You can apply for the E2 visa  if you have sufficient funds to invest into a US business.

Spouses of the E2 visa investor (but not children) automatically become eligible for work permits and children over 21 who would like to be part of the family business can be made fifty percent partners and will be eligible for the E2 visa and their spouses will be eligible for work permits.

As to whether there is a legal minimum or maximum E2 visa investment required there is none, but a good rule of thumb should be any amount above $100K. This having been said we have successfully filed E2 visa cases where the investment has been as low as $40K.

I prepared a guide to give you a detailed overview as to how the E2 visa works.  This guide will serve you well if you study it carefully and thereafter continue to refresh your memory as to the E2 visa rules.

E2 Visa - There is a lot of work to be done in advance of you finding the right business so that when you do there is minimal delay between having your offer accepted and getting your papers into the Embassy or USCIS for processing. Delay could lose you the business.

E2 Visa – There is a lot of work to be done in advance of you finding the right business so that when you do there is minimal delay between having your offer accepted and getting your papers into the Embassy or USCIS for processing. Delay could lose you the business.

In terms of when is the best time to hire us to represent you, the answer is simply ‘as early as possible’.  Some attorneys don’t really want you to talk to them until you’ve found the business you really want and then they will process the paperwork.  In contrast, we want you to retain us as early as possible so that as you find potential E2 visa businesses you can refer them to us for review and consideration. Maybe, due to our extensive experience, we can advise you as to which businesses seem to fly through immigration while other businesses, for a variety of reasons, might have difficulty getting E2 visa  approval. We can also network you with many of our contacts such as a small business adviser and so forth. We have a wealth of experience to help you make the right choice for your needs. Getting the level of advice and support early could save you a great deal of frustration.  So many times we get clients come to us late in the day, as it were, where they are up against a deadline and it becomes almost impossible to get their cases put together in time.  That kind of mad panic and stress we could all do without. Start early, plan early and let us help you do it right.

– E2 Visa Guide – Start Up/Buy Your Own Business
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– E2 Chapter 7- Indefinite E2 Visa
– E2 Chapter 8 – Summary


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