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USA Investor Visa Requirements Summary

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E2 Visa USA Investor Immigration Program Summary 

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Part 8 – E2 Visas – Program Summary

Welcome to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram. We are delighted that you have joined us for Part 8 in our video presentation series on the E2 Immigration Investment visa. In this final presentation of our E2 visa series, we’re going to run through the key visa provisions. If you can satisfy each of these requirements there should be no problem getting your visa approved. Ok – lets get started.

1. You must be a national of an E2 visa qualifying country. We have provided a list of the E2 visa qualifying countries for you.

2. Are you happy with the E2 reciprocity terms: how long your E2 visa may last and how many times it can be renewed.

3. You must be invested in a business that you fully intend to manage on a day-to-day basis. Your comprehensive business plan will confirm your role as the owner and manager of your business.

4. You must be able to show where the funds came from to fully fund the business and you must be able to show that you have already committed the funds required to launch your business.

5. You must be able to show that your business will generate income for you and be able to provide at least two full-time jobs for Americans.

6. US Immigration will want some verification as to the reliability of your business plan. A CPA will need to review your business plan and write a letter of support confirming the reasonableness of all projections, assumptions and claims in your business plan.  Also, your CPA should confirm that the business has the potential, if it doesn’t already, to create two full-time jobs.

7. Where the applicant is buying a going concern, the key financial documentation required will be the annual tax returns and payroll records.

There are some cash businesses in the service sector, where some owners decide not to declare the full earnings of the business and where tips may not be recorded. Buying these types of businesses can be problematic because of the difficulties in trying to determine the full financial performance of the business. However, these businesses can make it through the E2 visa process as long as we can show through the finances reported that the business is nonetheless profitable.

8. If you have any criminal convictions whatsoever, please make sure that this is brought to our attention from the outset. We can evaluate whether there are any serious implications as to your eligibility for this E2 visa. If you are a regular visitor to the US and have never experienced any difficulties entering in, then you should be ok. Nevertheless, please make sure that we are made fully aware of anything that may be on your record.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video series and found it a great resource. We look forward to discussing your case in detail over a free consultation. Please give us at call and we’ll be happy to set this up for you as soon as possible. Bye for now.

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