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E2 Visa – Finding the Right Business

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E2 Visa Finding the Right Business

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Part 5 E2 Visa Finding the Right Business

Welcome to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram. We are delighted that you have joined us for Part 5 in our video presentation series on the E2 Investment visa. In this presentation we’ll discuss how to find the right business and some of the related issues involved. Ok – lets get started.

Over many years of working with E2 visa clients, we have seen that one of the biggest hurdles is finding a suitable business. Most E2 visa applicants live in their home country and whilst it maybe quite easy to find businesses online problems emerge when trying to establish reliable contact with the broker handling the sale of that business.

Our clients tell us that when they do find an interesting business they often have to leave a message and an international call back number. Most Business Brokers are simply not be prepared to take the trouble to figure out the country dialing code you might be calling from, let alone the various time zone differences.

In response to our client’s needs we setup an independent sister company called E2 Visa Business Services (EVS)  – – with the mission to help our clients find business quickly and connect with the brokers. Here is how the service works: – Once you sign up with EVS, you outline what type of businesses you are looking for and confirm your budget. EVS will then do all of the research and most importantly do all the chasing with the brokers. It’s that simple. Please get in touch if you need help in this area.

Will I need an Accountant? – It’s absolutely vital that you have a CPA review all of the financial information available about the business. CPAs can review your business plan and write you a letter in support of your business plan, which is actually an E2 visa requirement. CPAs can also do in-depth financial reviews to ensure that the financial claims made by the seller are in fact accurate. Working closely with a good Business Broker and CPA can really help you determine what the fair market price of the business is.

Will I Need a Business Attorney? – Business Attorneys can assist you when the purchase involves land or real estate. Business Attorneys can be helpful when negotiating the terms of a lease or helping you acquire the right business licenses and permits. Business Attorney can also help you set up partnership agreements if necessary. Business Attorneys are there to help you with any and all commercial law issues, so please keep them in mind.

Remember, as your immigration law firm we are experts in immigration law only and thus for all matters commercial pertinent to your decision to buy a business you should consult with a CPA and Business Attorney as applicable to your situation. In the next presentation we’ll discuss green card and retirement options. Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoyed this presentation.

E2 Success Story – Since working with Joe to obtain his E2 Visa, we’ve been delighted and very proud to see his business flourish. Joe took over a very dated camera shop that had been going since the late 70s and over the last four years has transformed the business into a top of the line highly sought after camera center. Not content with having transformed one store Joe has now purchased a second camera store and plans on doing the very same thing again. Surprisingly Joe had no prior business experience but seems to have found his true gift as a businessman. We wish him every success in the future and no doubt we’ll be tracking his progress so we can share this with our readers.

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