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E2 Visa Success: Sahila Utilizing her Business Sense in the US

E2 Visa Success: Sahila as an Entreprenuer

E2 Visa Success: Sahila as an Entrepreneur

When it came to Sahila finding a business in the US, she was in luck because she had an uncle who had started and opened a string convenience stores called 5 – 12. So Sahila was able to focus her efforts on finding the right law firm to help her through the E2 Visa process. After several consultations with the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram, Sahila and her husband started their application process that follows our road map (E2 Visa Requirements). Today, after been granted their E2 visa they cold not be happier. Life is good living the American Dream. See her full E2 Visa story here.

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Purchasing a Business in the US 

Sahila had a business in mind when she started the process, but she still felt that she needed expert assistance in putting together the best business plan possible.

“When it came to the business plan, I got help from the law firm’s sister company E2 Visa Business Services LLC who are specialists in writing E2 Visa Business Plans,” Sahila said. “Also, they can help you find a business if you need help there, too.”

Sahila's E2 Business Banner

Sahila’s E2 Business Banner

Finding that perfect E2 visa business can be really difficult for those who do not have a business in mind as there are all sorts of challenges. One very basic problem is simply getting a US business broker to call you back, most will not because of the time zone differences and lack of motivation to deal with a foreign based buyer.

With years of experience in helping our clients, we set up a sister company called E2 Visa Business to specifically help our clients Find a Business for sale, Incorporate in the US and Write E2 Visa Style Business Plans.  E2VisaBusiness  is a great one stop shop to help you get the support you need to put together your the commercial aspects of your E2 Visa application.

We have the Knowledge and Resources to Help you with your Business Plan

We Have the Knowledge and Resources to Help You With Your Business Plan.

Lets face it, when you think about all of the things you have to do to get ready to relocate your family to the US, it really does make a lot of sense to have other professionals take care as much of the paperwork as possible form start to finish.

After preparing the business plan through our sister company, we guided Sahila through the process and prepared her E2 Petition as quickly as the evidence came into our offices. Within no time, Sahila’s interview was scheduled at the US Embassy in London.

From Interview to Approval 

Sahila's Determination Led to a Successful E2 Interview

Sahila’s Determination led to a Successful E2 Interview

Sahila was intent on being expertly prepared for her E2 Visa interview at the Embassy. For Sahila, this was her opportunity to ensure her family a future in the United States and she was not going to let anything get in the way. We made sure that we counseled Sahila personally on every step of the interview process and even gave her some testimonial videos to watch where our clients explained their US Embassy experiences on camera, such as Peter and Sue, and Stephen and Jane. Our goal is to help our clients as much as possible going above and beyond to ensure that their E2 visa immigration experience is the very best possible.

“I remember when the interviewing officer told us he had granted the Visa – I asked him to repeat himself, because I thought I had misheard him,” Sahila said.  “We were so happy…and we just had BIG smile on our faces leaving the embassy. We celebrated with a meal at our favorite restaurant!”

Our Experience Can Bring Success to Your E2 Visa Case

Our Experience Can Bring Success to Your E2 Visa Case

Now that Sahila and her family have arrived in the US the possibilities for their future are endless. Sahila’s husband has the opportunity to apply for work authorization and continue his career in the United States, and Sahila’s kids are enrolled in school here and are set for conquering their own dreams.

If you are looking into purchasing a US Business and relocating to the United States on an E2 Visa, we are here to guide you through the process. With a decade of experience we a prepared to make your dream a reality.

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