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The EB1 Green Card for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability can be achieved through satisfying 3 out of 10 categories enumerated by USCIS. These categories that generally pertain to our innovators may include invited membership, published material about you, judging, innovation, scholarly articles, exhibition or showcases, leading/critical role, high salary and commercial success.

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While each of these categories are complex in their own right, the innovation category is one that is extremely interesting and has often been utilized by our clients in securing their EB1 Green Card. In this article, we will lay out some of the requirements one needs to satisfy in order to successfully utilize this category.

Innovators Can Achieve their EB1 Green CardInnovators Can Achieve their EB1 Green Card

Innovators Can Achieve their EB1 Green Card

What is the Innovation Category? 

Essentially US Immigration is asking the Alien to show that they have made a significant innovation, breakthrough, or impact of their of endeavors. Depending on your field of classification, proof of your innovation will be supported in a variety of ways.

Major Contribution in Sciences such as a Significant Patent 

When trying to determine if you have made a major contribution in the scientific field, ask yourself, have you advanced, broken new ground, discovered, and/or developed something new that has attracted scientific or academic press’ attention within the industry? The best way to provide proof of this is through third party sources such as a granted patent. Not only does this show US Immigration that your contributions are being noted by your field of specialization but it can also provide the Officer with a layperson description of your contribution.

Major Contribution in the Arts

Since the field of arts is heavily reliant on creativity, this area can be extremely broad. Thus, we often look to see if the artist is acclaimed, in that they often receive press coverage regarding their cutting edge contributions to the field. In addition, we often look to see if any of your work has become iconic, evidence by others who may be utilizing or adapting the contributions that you have made.

Major Contribution in Business

In many cases, these contributions are not highlighted in the press as they are propriety and not something the company would necessarily like to advertise. In the event that your contribution was made public, we can utilize the press releases or other forms of media coverage that may spotlight your contribution. In the event there is not press, sometimes we can utilize letters of support from individuals within your field of specialization.

Major Contribution in Sports 

When looking at someone’s contribution to their sport we have to look at the degree of influence and standing they have within the sport. There is no simple approach to this and it’s basically a question of us spending the time to interview and discuss all that our client has done within their field and see how they made their mark.

Our Innovators – Success Stories

Bluetooth Headset that Sridhar Worked On

Bluetooth Headset that Sridhar Worked On

Sridhar, was the team lead for a group that developed voice quality enhancement algorithms for several product lines. As a result of this product developed by Sridhar, the sales revenues for the company topped $66 million dollars. Throughout Sridhar’s career, he was a consistent innovator, developing patents and improving the quality of products.  In order to provide proof of these significant contributions, Sridhar was able to secure letters from employers within his field who attested to the contributions he made.

John Made Developments in the Oil and Gas Industry

John Made Developments in the Oil and Gas Industry

John, made significant contributions to the field of pipeline engineering and safety by creating and developing his proprietary Weld Log Program. This unique feature and innovation of the Weld Log Program enables cross-continental pipeline construction teams to track every single weld on the pipeline. In order to provide proof of these contributions, John secured letters from the CEO of the organization that benefited from the contributions he made.

John, the App Developer and an Innovator

John, the App Developer and an Innovator

IIiya, made significant contributions to his field by developing, designing, and trademarking, MoneyWiz and Sync Everything!, which are among the most popular finance apps available on the Apple operating systems. The syncing capabilities were highly regarded and seen as a great success on the market. Iliya was able to provide proof of his contributions through reviews of the App itself, as well as descriptions of how the App works.

We Can Help

If you believe you have made an innovation or significant contribution to your field of study feel free to contact us and we can evaluate your case today. Satisfying this category can bring you closer to achieving a Green Card to enter and reside permanently in the United States. Call our offices today, or fill out the consultation form on this page and we will be in touch with you soon.

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