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Ed and Dawn – Marriage – Green Card

Practicing US Immigration law is awesome, why because you get to help such a wide variety to people realize some of the biggest dreams of their life. Ed and Dawn have been so kind to us as they have agreed to share their incredible story with our viewers. Surpizingly finding true love on the internet is quite common. Practically every week I get the priviledge of talking to couples in precisely this situation.  I may not be able to play cupid, but I can get all of the US Immigration red tape out the way so my clients can be together.

When clients are interviewed we try to make sure that they have the opportunity tell they story as openly as possible. I want their stories to as authentic as possible so that our viewers can easily relate to the day to day challenges  that real people face. These are not a Cinderella stories, but they are the experiences of how couples can fall in love and be together.


The Ed and Dawn Green Card Interview
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