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We’re looking forward to getting some interesting success stories posted. This particular page is new and still very much a work in progress, but we have a lot of great inpirational success stories to write up for your kind perusal.  For example, about our oldest client Edna who was 93 years old when she came to be with her daughter and her husband, her grand-daughter and siblings and her great-grandchildren.  You can see Edna’s approval if you click on ‘Visa Approvals’ below.

At the end of the day, for us these are real people, real lives and we care about them.  I guess one of the reasons why we do is because we’ve made the same journey. For me, as my employer, my brother got me my first working visa, without him I might not have made it out here, he gave me the start. My wife helped her sisters relocate here on another visa and they got their start.  Having the support of family already out here can make all the difference. It’s great if they are US citizens as you can come over arriving with a green card, but even if they just help you find a job, a home, get you connected with people who can help you, these are areas of support that can help you in your American dream.  Relocation is a team effort – hopefully you’ll make us part of your team.

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 Success Stories
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