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Fiancée Visa / Marriage Visa – Green Card Success Story by Richard and Yao Yao

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Green card Success Richard and Yao Yao

Green card Success Richard and Yao Yao

I was raised in London, England. I have been looking to get into the Animation field for as long as I can recall. I completed a BA in 2D animation in London, at the University of Westminster, but chose to study 3D animation here in the states, at Digital Media Arts College, in Boca Raton, Florida. I chose this college because they offer a Mastar of Fine Arts degree in 3D Animation, one of the few colleges I found that does.

I decided to make the move to the states to study 3D animation, with the hope of one day working at a studio like Pixar or DreamWorks. I could not find a University in England that offered a Masters in 3D animation.

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My family was making the move to Florida already, and to have found a school in florida that not only does a Masters course in 3D, but an expedited course as well (graduating in 18 months instead of 2 years) was a stroke of luck I could not ignore, so I packed my bags and decided to head for the USA!

My family found, the website of the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram, online while searching for a lawyer to help fascilitate my family’s move to the states (my family on an E2 visa and myself on an F1 student visa). The company seemed to be really professional, and had a wealth of information on their site which eased our minds about the whole process, so we knew this was the right company for us.

Fiancee and Marriage

I was on an F1 student visa, but when that expired (upon my graduation) I was already engaged to be married. I applied for the year of work permission entitled to F1 student visa holders, while Yaoyao and I planned our wedding. After we were married I of course was intent on remaining here in the states with my new wife, so I applied for a green card. This of course was the natural thing to do, and affords me permanent resident status here in the states, and The Law Offices of Chris Ingram made the whole process just as smooth as it could have been. I am now happily settled here in the USA, moving into my chosen career path, with the woman I will be spending the rest of my life with. So yes, it was the right visa for me.

The process was smooth and free of any bumps that I can recall. Ensuring that we had the propper paperwork in order, and did not leave anything to chance was Chris’s end of the deal, and being punctual and responsible regarding our interview and biometrics was our end of the deal, we both did as we were supposed to and everything worked out flawlessly. All in all the whole process took about 5 or 6 months, from the preliminary document gathering to getting the green card in my hands, and was over all, a very easy process.

The Law Offices of Chris Inrgram were always there to ease my mind about my application, and were very thorough and prompt in dealing with our case, which is all that can be expected really. They helped us assemble our case in such a way that there was never really a chance of us being denied through lack of documentation or underpreparedness, and their online uploading fascility saved us an awful lot of potential travel/mailing costs.

Green Card by Marriage Couple Richard and Yao Yao take a trip to the landmark London Eye in England. Being able to take your American spouse back home to meet the folks is always an experience to remember.

Green Card by Marriage Couple Richard and Yao Yao take a trip to the landmark London Eye in England. Being able to take your American spouse back home to meet the folks is always an experience to remember.

We recieved a letter informing us that my application was approved, and to expect my green card in the mail within a few weeks. I believe it was a normal day like any other, and finding the letter in our mail box I got the same feelings of trepidation and excitement that I get whenever I recieved a letter from immigration. Reading, however, that I had been granted and that all of our document gathering, waiting, worrying was all finished with was of course an incredible relief and I just felt a sense of security and belonging which I had been unable to feel before. As a student I was just here till I got my degree, and a student with work permission, I was here to work till my year was up, and as a hopefull green card recipiant I was just waiting to see if I could get approved, so it was nice to stop the countdown and just be able to say “I am here now, for good” it was definitely a wonderful day.

I love the lifestyle here in the states, and the career opportunities, and I will miss the English food the most. My advice would be to look into your options and know what you are getting into before making the move.

I knew what I wanted out of my trip to the states, a first rate education in a field I could not study back home, and it just so happened that I fell in love, got married and my plans changed. Do not take the attitude of “once you’re in, you’re in” because this is not the case. When applying for any visa make sure to leave yourself enough time to gather all of your documents, and when summoned to be somewhere by immigration, be there – and be a little early, as delays can happen (and did to us).

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