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Let’s Get Started


Welcome to the Law Office of Chris M. Ingram. We’re delighted that you have taken the step of joining the team here. At the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of client care possible. Everything we do is to ensure that all visitors and clients experience a VIP level of service.

Immigrating to the US is extremely difficult as there are only a very limited number of legal pathways we can offer to would be candidates. Visitors and clients alike after therefore naturally very anxious as to whether their American Dream can in fact become a reality. Even when we take on a client we still have to go through the process of gathering all of their documentation, preparing it and submitting it to US Immigration and hope that they will adjudicate the case favorably. Clients are extremely anxious throughout the whole process and thus we must be skilled diplomats too in helping them empathetically through the process.

Education is the key, Combined with a desire to help others is a winning combination.

At the Law firm of Chris M. Ingram we believe in education, education and more education. We believe that if we can educate the visitors to our website as carefully as possible about the viable pathways to US Immigration they will regard us as the true experts in the field. When they complete our inquiry questionnaire and we respond to them they will be very receptive.   We also believe in educating out staff to the highest standards too so we hope you will enjoy our training platform as to learn about US Immigration and how we practice law together. Moreover we’ll do our very best to train you specifically as to your role in the firm so that you can perform at the optimal level.

Growing Pains

We’re certainly going places – since our foundation in 2003.

At present we are a growing law firm and we have in fact already filled out our space that we moved into August 2015 by growing by 50%. The reason for the growth is that more people are discovering us on the web and are excited to work with them if we can qualify them. The second reason for growth is that we are looking to grow the firm to a certain size where we can take on the financial responsibility of providing medical benefits, and other benefits a smaller business cannot take on. We are dedicated to providing excellent benefits to all of our staff so they can settle and build a secure future with us. So we are looking to build a committed work force that will be stakeholders in securing their own future.

Ok, Lets get started with defining your job and setting out your training. Welcome aboard.

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